Twas the night before the show

and I wish I was asleep….The work has all been done, the entries are complete.  The quilts have been hung, the ribbons awarded; the 2nd Time around tables are overloaded.

Yes tables are loaded with merchandise galore.  The volunteers await the shoppers as bargains are explored. Those bargains await the savvy shopper, and the quilts will stand by as your flash cameras do capture!

The vendors, the quilts, the raffle baskets and lunch, the volunteers, the sponsors, the quilters, the crunch. We worked up to deadline, we sweated and labored, we primped and we labeled, we ribboned and smiled.

Thanks to the quilters and families who clear out a space; thanks to the shoppers who recycle the lace!

My 40 ft booth is overloaded with merchandise and deals, and now I just need you to come and complete the event!





Come out, see the show – the details to follow —

This weekend – on Friday & Saturday in Lewes Delaware!!

Oh; the quilts, 300 and more, and other vendors to delight your shopping , your senses.

Come see the ribbons and be so surprised, at what has won in the judges eyes!  No secrets-no previews, you must come out to see for yourself!  Parking is free, and abundant, and cool air conditioning is apparent!  See you on Friday at the quilt shore I hope.

My labors have completed, the work is all done, the volunteers so numerous, I dare not name one. My special thanks to the brave ones who ventured forth in the weather, when man nor beast certainly should be not out in the sun!  Brave quilters go forth with boxes, and dollies, and set up this booth without question of my folly!



14 thoughts on “Twas the night before the show

  1. Howdy! So nice to meet you at the show today. What a wonderful job you and the volunteers did…so much hard work to get this together! Loved the beautiul quilts on display and had so much fun at the 2nd Time Around Shop. Lots of great vendors, but for this low budget quilter, the favorite spot is the “Fill a Scrap Bag”. That was me…the one who shopped three times. 🙂
    I can’t wait to start cutting and sewing. And I hope to join the guild!


    • Deborah — Thanks for coming today!! I am so glad you had FUN shopping. The 2nd time around is something we do at MOST meetings, usually just “quilt related fabrics”. Check the guild website for info on our meetings, and happenings the day OF the meeting. In AUGUST we are doing a community service sewing day; and you just bring your machine with thread & full bobbins and sew on projects that should already be kitted up for you. September is our annual “renewal month”; and is a GREAT time to join for just $20 per year. (As future “membership chair”…I encourage you to join; and welcome you to come and just have fun sewing in August if you are able. ) What we earned today on the 2nd Time around tables helps to support the awesome instructors the guild brings in to lecture. We also have classes and FUN. So glad you came. OWQG website is 🙂 Message me if you have a question. I’m sorry, but I had SO many customers, I can’t put your face to your name, but please say hi, and tell me who you are the next time our paths cross!!! 🙂


  2. Great job Mary, I am sure your guild appreciates your hard work and time donated. Hope to see you at QBS Embroidery Club in Aug. Audrey Fohner I showed my husband your cat quilt, and he was amazed by your talent!!! You should have won over any panels submitted…..

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