a sense of accomplishment

I feel like I have accomplished something today.  I started off the day with a meeting and was home before noon!! I decided to spend the afternoon in my sewing room, and I managed to get one of the Senior Quilts put together.

We have a total of 5 graduates this year at church, and I am only obligated to make one top.  I currently have 3 completed tops in my car to take back to church. The ladies have been busy getting these ready. When I left off on Saturday, I had 5 rows sewn together I think.  The rest of the 8.5″ blocks got put together and the whole thing has been pressed and is “ready to delivery”.   I had to print out some more pictures of the church on fabric and get them stitched onto blocks for the quilt I was working on and one other.

We will start signing them at church this weekend!  The other 2 tops should be done very soon.  Once the congregation has had a chance to sign and write messages of hope and faith and love, then we will get together and tie them and send them home with a quilter for binding.  Perhaps I should think about what binding I will be doing and get that ready tomorrow!!  Then I will know it is “DONE”.  At some point I will try to get a photo of the one I did, along with all the rest!

I also finished an apron that I started last week.  It is made from twill, which is a sturdier fabric than quilters cotton. One of my daughters home schools, and she “wears an apron” all day, and asked for a replacement. She also asked for something that was a busy print, so splashes and spots were not terribly noticeable.  I added an extra pocket to the apron, and made the pockets a little more substantial than called for in the pattern. I did that by just cutting an extra “piece and stitching and turning the pocket”.  I’ve made this pattern twice before, for a little girl and her dolly…..but it has been a few years. I plan to put this one in the mail tomorrow, and await feedback on the length, and the overall sizing.  I was asked to size it “generously” so that less splatters landed on the clothing of the wearer.  I tried it on and found it to be satisfactory, but I will wait to hear that feedback before cutting out the fabric I have for the 2nd one.


Meanwhile, I have a garden apron to make for a “raffle basket” donation.  I need to have it done in the next couple of days.

It is nice to get a few things checked off my to do list.
Oh, by the way, my quilters math yesterday was correct and I have 10 EXTRA half square scrappy triangles. Thanks Carole!



10 thoughts on “a sense of accomplishment

  1. This pattern was really “well written” and very straight forward. Nothing to complicated. Just my speed. I did all the cutting one afternoon; then made all the pockets and put them on the next day along with the hem. So, to finish yesterday, I need to do the side hems, stitch on the facing that turns into the channel for the ties and make the ties. Turning the ties took the longest, even using the tip I picked up on Man Sewing, using a string inside!


    • I tested this apron with my phone, which is always “too big” for most pockets because of the otterbox case. I think mom’s need a tissue pocket, a pocket for the lego’s she is picking up, a pencil pocket along with that phone pocket. Some patterns I have seen silly little pockets you can barely put your hand in.


  2. The apron sounds exactly what I aim for when I make one for myself. Large, roomy, extra pockets, and of fabric that won’t show too much mess … and I’m not dealing with children, just my own mess.

    I would love to see a picture of the finished quilt.

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    • Thanks Lillian. I will try to get a photo of the quilt once I have it finished. We do these quilts at church every year, with 8.5″ squares usually. This year we have all boys, and I have a hard time finding fabrics that don’t look too “feminine”.


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