Happy New Year!

Gosh, we finished 2016 off with a big bang!

 The week between Christmas and New Year were very busy around our house.  I did lots of cooking, cleaning, shopping, and celebrating.

My quilting bee friends gathered for the first Annual Queen Bees Christmas Party luncheon at my house on Dec 27.

Table set for the Queen Bees

We had a “pot luck luncheon”.  I made  a lovely broccoli cheese soup and served it with croutons, sour creme and extra cheese for toppings. We had 3 different salads, and fried chicken and rolls, and LOTS of sweet goodness like chocolate dipped pretzels and fudge too.  We had a fun “gift exchange” and then got prizes for UFO completion. And of course, the project finishes.   The most exciting finish comes from Pam.  She had a project she started hand quilting YEARS ago and put away. She has kept it all these years with SOMEDAY in mind.  She joined Ocean Waves Quilt Guild and was inspired to finish. Our UFO challenge enabled her to “break it down” into smaller goals.  I know she has achieved great satisfaction from this finish!  This will be a treasure in her life!  Our bee members have been cheering her on for the last 12 months!

The 30 year quilt!

There were a few other projects shown at this bee too –

Suzanne's Crazy Quilt

Suzanne's baby quilt

Dotti Christmas wall hanging

On New Years Eve, we kicked the party tempo up a bit!  We had a New Years Eve party/anniversary celebration.  When we got married 10 years ago, we had a big New Years Eve party/wedding reception at a local mansion, called Sunnybrae Mansion in Milford DE.

Bill & Mary's wedding reception

Bill & Mary’s wedding reception



NYE wedding reception

NYE wedding reception

We were told it was the “best” New Years eve party people had been to in quite a while!

On our 5th anniversary, we held another party at home; and then our friends asked if we were going to do it again “next year”.  I told them “every 5 years”.  Bill asked me earlier in the month what I wanted to do to celebrate our anniversary, and I said “throw a party”.   This year we did quick “email invites” and kept our fingers crossed that we were not “too late” in planning a party. Silly me, we had a great turnout! (I even invited a new “quilting” neighbor at the last minute.  I was so glad that Barbara and Robert were able to join us.)  Our friends consisted of folks we know at church, my quilting friends, old neighbors, new neighbors and Bill’s railroad club buddies.  It was an interesting mix and was enjoyable.

So, this New Years eve was our 2nd “every 5 year” party!  And silly me, I did not take ONE photo during the party or as I was getting the table set up!  (Well, I did take a picture  a few days before, while I was inventorying the liquor…..and determining what I needed to buy etc)


So shopping commenced in the middle of the week to round out the liquor and mixers and soda’s and food choices.  I had the expertise from my daughters who know how to host a great party on what to make etc. I borrowed a 3 unit crock pot from my daughter and filled it with hot spinach /artichoke dip; grape jelly meatballs, marina meatballs. On the dining room table we had chips & 7 layer taco dip; bruschetta, shrimp with 3 dips, (avocado cream; ginger remoulade and cocktail sauce); baked brie with puff pastry, a lovely vegetable basket, and nuts chips & dip etc.  We had cheesecake, we had cookies and fudge and caramel popcorn.  And again, those great friends of mine brought things to round out the choices on the table. We even had a big bowl of black eyed pea soup with dumplings.

It is not often that we make it to midnight on our anniversary, but this party went on past 1 am and everyone seemed to have a good time.  I judge the party satisfaction by the conversation. Over the course of the evening, wandering around the house talking to people, I could hear animated conversation in  every room.

We opened the prosecco, the champagne and the non-alcoholic bubbly  at midnight and toasted !   Of course, there was lots of leftover food to put away when everyone went home, and I am very thankful to a husband who helped deal with that quickly.  I did break out the box that held the original New Years eve party hats and noise makers, and a friend added to the noise makers with another package! Bill brought out his train whistle to add to the midnight sound effects!

Sunday, after 4 hours sleep I was up and clearing up the dirty dishes that didn’t make the first run of the dishwasher the night before.  We had a casual New Years day and I puttered around putting things to rights, in between napping.  I have determined there is enough leftover liquor/beer/wine/mixers to have a party every weekend for a month!

The “bar” was set up in the kitchen and the bulk of the food in the dining room, buffet style on the table.  Guess where the people were hanging out??  The kitchen.  I’m beginning to understand why people would want an “open concept” kitchen.  Somehow it doesn’t suit this 110+ year old house.

I am thankful for my friends Nancy and Bob who came back over on Sunday afternoon!  I was able to “share” with them some of the leftovers.  The kitchen floor got swept, the rugs vacuumed of any crumbs, the holiday cups and wine glasses put away; and the liquor stored for the next go round.  We munched on leftovers for lunch and snacks. I hoarded the wonderful “fresh veggies” that Gayle brought.  (It is always tastier when somebody else did all the cutting!) I figured if I was going to snack the day away, the carrots and cucumbers would be a good choice!

I had told my hubby we needed to plan “undecorating” for Monday and Tuesday this week, to get it done before our next two “very busy” weeks.  He looked so sad.  He decorated right up to Christmas eve.  So; I am relenting.  I will LEAVE IT all up through Epiphany.  And, the undecorating will be postponed until next Tuesday.  It always takes several days to put it all away properly. We have two busy weekends back to back with the DelMarVa Model Railroad club open house, but having a “target time” set aside will leave me not to worry about the “stuff” for a week or so.

I hope you are able to keep the spirit of Christmas and love alive all into the New Year.


8 thoughts on “Happy New Year!

  1. I remember the great time we had at your wedding., well minus the fact that it rained while we were back there and the rain made a little puddle on the passenger side floor of our rental car where I sat. LOL Wish we were closer and could help you celebrate every five years, but I’m glad you have such a wonderful circle of friends and Congratulations on making another milestone.

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  2. A wonderful celebration–Happy 10 years! I think you were a beautiful bride in that terrific dress. At first I thought that you had it on for 2016’s celebration, but then I kept reading. Happy New Year to you, Mary!

    Liked by 1 person

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