Embroidery Machine Fun

Wednesday was a “between day” for me.  Between entertaining, between holidays etc.  I got out to my sewing room EARLY and did a quick “clean up” from the last Christmas projects.  I got the velvet from the Christmas stockings put away, and all the associated lint cleaned up off the tables. I spent a couple of productive hours with another member of the guild sorting and pressing and folding “guild” fabric for the Second Time Around sales.  About 2 – 3 hours is as much as I can manage with it on any given day.

After the hubby left for his afternoon/evening fun at the Train club, I went back to the sewing room and played for a while with some “blanks” for the embroidery machine. I have been buying towels at Wal-Mart in the craft department which are fantastic for embroidery. I have “shopped” for these style towels elsewhere, including on the bolt where you have to do the hemming etc.  I keep “coming back” to the ones they sell at WalMart.  Our local store doesn’t carry them, so I pick them up when I am in a “big” store in other towns. Of course you can order them on-line, get free shipping for “store pick up” too.    100% cotton towels at Walmart  aunt-marthas-striped-dish-towel

These kitchen towels are BIG – 18×28; have a tight weave, and a loop in the upper left corner.  They are typically made in India.  I pre-wash/dry them before I embroider, so the cotton shrinkage doesn’t interfere with the embroidery design I put on the towels.  I’ve used these towels for a couple of years as “blanks”; and have gifted them to friends and family. My one daughter REALLY USES  them and in the wear and tear in her busy household, they are holding up to the job.   Much thicker than the “flour sack” towels people often buy for “blanks”.

Recently I downloaded a collection of “coffee” designs from Artistic ThreadWorks – called Jacobean Coffee and Tea.  These stitched out really well and are big “full” designs on a 4 x 4 ” frame.  I am really pleased.  I have another  3 towels all prepped to stitch and will finish up stitching out this collection. So far, I am very pleased with the results.  It has been fun using a similar design on all the towels.  I am trying to keep a couple of colors constant throughout so they do “tie together” as a set.




I purchased recently some Terry Cloth dish towels to embroider and those are in the”pre-wash” stage tonight.  I haven’t done much with terry cloth in the past, but I am sure they will turn out nicely.  I will be looking thru my design books for interesting embroidery ideas. I can see that I need to put tear away stabilizer, along with no show mesh stabilizer and Water Soluble on my shopping list.

What kind of projects are you working on during this “between” week??


2 thoughts on “Embroidery Machine Fun

    • Thanks! I am pretty much a “free design” downloader. My little machine only runs 4×4″ designs, but I can’t complain, as I won it in a contest from Brother. My “embroidery” investment is in thread, stabilizers etc. These were fun to do! ATW has a tutorial on embroidered cards. Maybe that is my next direction!


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