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I posted on my blog today that I use FLICKR to save photo’s and incorporate them into my WORDPRESS posts.  I do this, because I am using the “free” version of Word Press and have hit the 80% mark on space.  Photo’s take a lot of space and I found it too complicated trying to figure out which ones to delete. I am not quite ready to pay for a “high featured” page, so this is what I do.    Judy asked me to explain my process.  So; here goes!

Flickr is a YAHOO product. Since I use YAHOO mail, I created a FLICKR account.  Flickr is interesting because it has lots of photo editing opportunities that I am just beginning to explore. You can also share photo’s to groups, and I do that too.   Carole – blogger on From My Carolina Home here on WordPress suggested to me when I complained about space on WP to try using Flickr.  I go about it a little differently than she explained, but it works for me.

I have an “app” on my android cell phone that I set up to “auto load” my photo’s to FLICKR.  Every time I take a picture, it autoloads to FLICKR.  (You can turn that feature off, but I love it!)  (I have unlimited data, so wasn’t concerned about data usage.  You may want to consider the settings and only permit the auto load to happen on a WI-FI connection).

My cell phone lets me also “SHARE” pictures via other social media sites; and WordPress is one of them.  I used to select the photo’s and load to WP, one at a time. Now, every photo I take is on my FLICKR home page under CAMERA ROLL.   These pictures are private until I do something with them.  You can also load from your computer, but that isn’t something I do.  (And for the purposes of this explanation – I loaded directly from my computer to WP).  (NOTE: I do not rely on one “back up” for my photos.  I have them backed up on GOOGLE, FLICKR and occasionally on our computer share drive at home).

Using FLICKR, once I have viewed my photo’s on the CAMERA ROLL, I create an album,by subject, and move the picture into that album.  Along the way, I choose privacy settings.  In the case of anything I want to share, I make the setting public.

Flickr has that “photo editing function” within the pictures, and anytime you are viewing the photo, there is an opportunity to edit the photo. (little box with a pencil in it.) When you click on the box with the pencil you get the choice to “EDIT IN AVERY”.   I use that editing tool to rotate pictures, improve the look of them and PUT MY NAME on the photo using the TEXT function.  Play around, you always have the option not to save it.



As I am writing my blog post, and want to insert a photo; I open in a separate window the FLICKR album and find my photo.  I make sure the photo is marked “viewing privacy – PUBLIC”, then I copy the URL (address) of the photo.  I switch back over to my post I am composing and select the “ADD MEDIA” button in the wordpress editor.  And then I select Insert from URL on the blue menu on the left side. You will get a box like the one in the photo below:


Where the http:// is showing highlighted in grey, I set my cursor, and hit ctrl P (or PASTE).  The URL of my photo should appear.   The photo at that URL will also appear below the LINK TEXT block.  Be sure to click the INSERT INTO POST button at the bottom right corner.  You end up back on your dashboard where you are writing your post and your picture should appear in the post.

It really is very simple.

Hope this helps you save some space.


5 thoughts on “Using Flickr for photos

  1. Thanks for the mention! I have a shortcut for you, as you upload to Flickr, look on the sidebar on the left and click on Albums, create a new one right then (or select an existing one) and it will post the pictures to the album and the camera roll at the same time. You can also add to groups as you upload as well, like our Scrap Dance groups. For insertion into a post, I just paste the URL of the picture directly into the text view of the post editor. You can switch between text and visual using the tabs at the top of the text box. The Text view uses the HTML code, the visual will show you the picture. Hope that helps.

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