What’s on your plate today?

I’m up early, making lists in my head while I get through my first cup of coffee.

My plate is full this week, and will be for several more.  So many things going on and very little sewing again!  I am working on the “two sided” table runner, need to add borders to the Autumn side so it is equal in width to the Christmas side. That should be fairly easy to get finished if I get a few hours to work.  Maybe by Friday I can sneak some time for sewing in to my schedule!

I am coordinating a meal at church for Sunday for the congregation and need to put the list to paper.  It is a simple meal of hearty soups, salads, bread/rolls, drinks and desserts.

I have a soup to prepare (Chicken and dumplings) and all the salad.  There is an early morning grocery shopping trip planned for me today.  I am operating on faith that the sign up sheet was filled in by church members.  I haven’t been able to get back to the church and take a look.

I have to make a list of what needs “done” tomorrow.  It will all work out, but if I have a list, the little stuff doesn’t get forgotten.

I have a group here on Tuesday for a “quilt bee” and have to figure out what I am serving and make that shopping list too.  (And clean the house………). Then a meeting at church on Tuesday night.

Wednesday will be another “cooking day” prepping for the Thanksgiving meal….my job is the Cosmopolitan Cranberry Sauce, the Stuffing, and Apple pie.  Must check the recipes, ingredients on hand and make that shopping list too.  That will probably be an early morning trip on Wednesday. My stuffing has mushrooms and sausage in it, and I want them as fresh as possible.

Thanksgiving at my daughter’s house, with this little fun one! She is in the taste everything stage, and has just started to crawl.  I got to babysit yesterday and had fun on the floor with her.

Tasty rainbow

Friday is the big “Bonnie Hunter Mystery Quilt” day.  And, I am not doing it this year.  I’m sure it will be fabulous, beautiful and fun, but I just can’t.  I have too many projects underway, to many quilt tops on hangers to quilt to start anything else.  It is a let down for sure after the excitement in the past 2 years. I will follow Bonnie and the  mystery quilt  on her blog and on Facebook and enjoy it from a distance.  There is another “quilt-along” that I am watching from a distance too –  Carole at From My Carolina Home has one called Scrap Dance Waltz Quilt along underway.  I’m tempted to do just a table runner.  Speaking of lists….I need to really put together a priority list for things I want to finish in the sewing room.  Poor Mittens the Cat still hangs on the design wall; with his last 9 rows waiting to be stitched.  Haven’t touched him since before I went to Texas to visit the grandkids a month ago. And then there are the 2 Bonnie Hunter projects from the classes in September; bins on the floor in front of the design wall.  Like I said….I am not starting any more mystery or quilt along projects!  (I think I will save the patterns for “down the road”).  My time in my sewing room has been mostly directed to the guild donations, sorting, ironing, folding, pricing etc. It is very time consuming and distracting to say the least. Hoping to make some headway there in the next few weeks with volunteers coming on various days.

The next 2 weekends I spend with my hubby and his model railroad club.  Last year I made a bunch of pillowcases to sell and they did well.  I have the fabric to do more “Thomas” ones, but haven’t gotten there yet either.  If you know anyone in the mid-Atlantic area who loves trains – share this flier  with them!  2016-train-club-flyer

I will be keeping the line moving in the door, with raffle tickets and scavenger hunt information!

So, the lists in my head are long, and woke me up before 5 today. (I was asleep early yesterday, as I was worn out from grandma duty ) I need another cup of coffee to get in gear as 6 am approaches.  I need a pen and paper to get those random thoughts written down before they escape my sleepy head.

What’s on your plate this weekend?


2 thoughts on “What’s on your plate today?

    • Thanks Lillian. She is so happy all the time too. I enjoy just “watching” her. In Delaware, we make “slippery dumplings” or “Amish style”. They are really flat wide noodles. In Pennsylvania, they call it “pot pie”; as the soup tends to be more stew like. I cheat and use Annies Frozen dumplings which make life easy. My grandma would be horrified. She made the best noodles! I have one sister who continues to make “Grandma Bessie” noodles, but not me.! 🙂


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