a little jubilation

I have been following along on Carole’s blog – From My Carolina Home.   Her October posts were Autumn Jubilee.

Thanks Carole for inspiring a few “fall” projects.

Though I traveled in October, I started a bunch of fall leaves before I left. This past week I put together a few more, along with some pumpkins. (Note – I now have enough leaves and pumpkins to start a table runner sales program !)

I spent Wed-Friday with my “bee buddies” at a sit & sew camp.  I worked on various aspects of the Autumn Jubilee.  I built lots of pumpkins, half square triangles for more leaves, and stems for the existing leaves.  I might have enough to make 15 table runners at this point.  Hey, I wanted variety, and that is what I got!.  One table runner ready to gift, and more in the process of construction.

Autumn Jubilee

Looking cheery , right?

Then I decided on how to quilt it! And I went great guns…and then spent the last 2 days picking out the crummy quilting!

Autumn Jubilee Table Runner

(Hanging out waiting to dry!)

Leaving just the pumpkins spiral quilted, the rest is “in the ditch”.  A quick trip through the washing machine, and now resting on the radiators~

Does this count as a “radiator cozy” ???  Figured it would dry just as well on the radiator as it would tumbling in the clothes dryer.

Radiator cozy?

Note — pattern from Carole – http://www.frommycarolinahome.wordpress.com

binding – Susies Magic binding – http://www.52quiltsin52weeks – http://www.52quilts.com/2012/05/tuesday-tutorial-susies-magic-binding.html

My plan is to make 2 more!  Hopefully they will come together fairly quickly!


6 thoughts on “a little jubilation

    • The right tool for the job. I must own 5 different seam rippers, and probably used them all while “removing” stitches from this table runner! Tiny stitches are a bear. Hubby asked me “Don’t your hands hurt?” I just nodded my head and kept on rippen’.

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