Refurbishing a chair

I was so inspired today at my “Sit & Sew Camp” by another quilter who demo’d how to reupholster a folding chair. Recently our guild held an auction, and 2 chairs covered in Kaffee Fassett fabric were sold for upwards of $200+ dollars for the pair. So, today at our camp, quilter Cheryl showed us how easy it was to remove the seat and back of the chair and recover them quickly with fresh modern fabric.

At home, I had a computer chair in the kitchen that has 10+ years of wear and tear.  Typical office chair with ugly scratchy fabric – in a blue gray; with lots of wear marks along the front edge.  I came home and chatted with hubby, and one thing led to another, and the next thing you know, we were disassembling the chair.  While hubby worked on stable removal, I went out to the sewing room in the garage and pulled a bolt of upholstery fabric off the shelf.  I cut 2 pieces and came back in the house.

Old chair fabric

We worked for a couple of hours before dinner, and an hour after dinner, and before you know it, we were finished!

What a difference new fabric made on the chair.  I would not have accomplished this much in an evening if it hadn’t been for hubby and his power tools, air compressor and air stapler.  He has had a bit of practice with  reupholstery and did an  excellent job lining up the fabric pattern. I added an extra layer of batting over the seat foam cushion to give a bit of extra comfort.

Refurbished chair

I decided that a nice shot of Scotchguard fabric protector would be a good idea, since the chair is always at the computer in the kitchen (and I drink coffee in that chair !)  After we finished with the reassembly, I rolled it outside to the front porch for a blast of scotchguard!  I will let it dry and air out for a day before using it.  Big improvement in my “computer chair” life!  Now, if I can keep the silly cat from trying to claw the edge of the chair as he tries to get my attention, I will be happy!

I will share pictures from Sit & Sew camp after we conclude on Friday. I feel like I spent a lot of time sewing today, but was merely building bits and pieces.  More later…early start on Friday.

Happy stitching…(feeling blessed to have a hubby who puts up with my whims!)


9 thoughts on “Refurbishing a chair

    • Sounds like a big job! The hubby’s air stapler were so helpful. I can’t imagine trying to get thru the fabric, batting and wood with a portable stapler. Nothing less than electric power stapler for a big job, in my opinion. If you were “around the corner” I would be there to help!

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