MITTENS has 2 eyes!

Pet Mosaic Update — Mittens really does have 2 eyes!  My quilting sister-in-law asked at some point if he did, and now, I can show evidence!  I have worked on this project off and on this week; primarily on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. I fed my dear hubby dinner at 9 pm tonight because I was on such a roll!  Here is a look at him over the last few days.


August 25 2016


Aug 27 2016  Spent some time building in the right ear and side of his head

Mittens Aug 28, 2016

Aug 28 2016 – head taking shape


Aug 31 2016 – Working on the left side of his face and the bridge of his nose.


Sept 2, 2016 – And now he has a nose and I am starting on his left cheek!

Kind of like watching paint dry, but it is fairly exciting to see him coming together.  There are areas that I will probably rework a little bit around his nose, nostrils etc before I move on to his lips.  My next goal is to finish that left side of his face.

Hope you enjoy the project process.  Thanks to Cheryl Lynch  ( Cheryl Lynch Quilts )for her wonderful instruction and to Carolyn Lingor (  One Block Wonder Woman) for her great advice too.      (My hubby has been kindly giving his artistic point of view on some of the pieces with transitions and it has really been helpful…right up to the point where he said “I never thought you would stick with this”; at which point I threw him out of my sewing space….)  (I did let him come back in to look at it today!)

This soft fuzzy thing is Smokey, the brother of Mittens.  He has much softer fur, and very soft stripes.  He looks dejected because he is not the star of my Pet Mosaic Project.  He claims ownership of me, as “HIS” human.  If I sit in a chair, he will instantly be in my lap!



Mittens was selected for the project because of his highly defined markings.  He looks a lot like his mother – Momma Cat; but she doesn’t have the pretty white above the sweet pink nose.

Momma Cat

Momma Cat is a cat with attitude.  She does like to talk alot, and is in mid conversation when I took this picture.  She lives “outside”; and likes to share her food with every stray that wanders in the yard.  (This is how we acquired these 3 cats…they moved in and took over).   She is all settled in to her nice little igloo, waiting on the coming storm.

As the Tropical Storm Hermine heads up the East Coast of the USA, I hope you are safe and sound where ever you are. Looks like we are going to get a big hit from the storm beginning Saturday morning, with 3 days of Tropical rains and winds as the storm is predicted to settle just off the coast of Delaware.  As my sewing room is “out over the garage” I may not be able to venture out to play with this project, so I will have to settle  and play with the real cats in the house!



9 thoughts on “MITTENS has 2 eyes!

    • Thanks for taking time to read my blog Lucie! I am thinking ahead about how I want to “finish him” once the design is done, blocks joined and Mittens is ready to layer and quilt. I have been doing some “thread painting” research, and I think I want to do a little practice before I tackle this wild project. 🙂

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    • Thanks Cheryl! I just HAD to share with you! I still need to play a bit with the nose, but I am moving forward. I have been thinking a lot about thread painting, once the blocks are together, and have studying your photo of Bailey in Mosaic, and looking at other “thread painters”, like Barbara Yates Beasley. What a surprise to get an email today from The Quilt Show; and both YOU and Barbara were featured! I loved your studio tour! Now where are you going to put that long arm???? I also downloaded an article from Quilting Arts about Thread Sketching. Will send you a link to my Google docs drive. It had some interesting tips. 🙂


  1. I’m so proud of what you have accomplished. He is looking fantastic The only reason I thought he only had one eye is that you said so. You said something to the effect that you were glad that Mittens had one eye, so I was understandably curious. LOL! It’s easy to misinterpret the written word, isn’t it? But you know me, more than willing to laugh at myself since I have opportunity to get plenty of practice. Keep up the good work, and send some of that rain to the Left Coast, please!


  2. Absolutely gorgeous quilt. I hope when you finish you’ll enter this in a quilt show. Looks like an award winning quilt in the making.

    Saw your comment on another blog, about EQ7 and that you didn’t get a manual. Not sure if you realize it, but EQ7 does come with several video tutorials, PDF tutorials, along with a User Manual which you can access via the main menu. There are also many tutorials on their website, as well as tutorials from various EQ users who share on their blogs and/or YouTube. I tried to send you an email, but your google account, for when you leave comments on blogger blogs, is set to default, which the settings show you as a no-reply blogger and I wasn’t able to find your email on your wordpress blog either. Thus, I’m sharing the EQ info here.


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    • Thanks for taking the time and effort! I will drill into EQ7 a bit harder, and look for the videos too. I have only poked around a bit, as I have it on the computer at my sewing table. I should probably load Eq7 on a 2nd computer away from my sewing room where I will be less distracted by the fabric.


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