Channeling the Passion

Yesterday I shared my sister-in-laws blog post Creating a dog from scratch can be Ruff and in her post she speaks passionately about the project.  During this same time period where she devoted 2 months to building this fabulous project, she and her husband were actively battling the permanent closure of their local recreation area.

My understanding was that the board of supervisors for the county was budget cutting, and they picked “Lake San Antonio” as a place to do their chopping.

When Carolyn was here visiting and quilting, we chatted about the power of the people.  On her return home, she found out there was a meeting coming up the following week, and Lake San Antonio was on the agenda, slated to be permanently closed.

I can imagine the phone calls and emails and text messages that flew around the county that weekend.   In no time flat they formed a group on Facebook – Friends of Lake San Antonio – with the following description – The mission of the Friends of Lake San Antonio is to preserve the legacy that was left to the residents of and visitors to Southern Monterrey County by the vision and hard work of others who came before. We also aim to do all in our power to keep this special area open to the public for the rich variety of recreational uses that fit in so well with this beautiful setting. In support of this mission, we have created this Facebook page to bring to the public’s attention what is available for their enjoyment and to help make our Lake San Antonio and Recreation a destination for people from all over the world who appreciate natural beauty and outdoor activities.

They have worked non-stop since June 5th to get the Monterrey County board of supervisors to “re-open” this lake to public recreation and outdoor activities.  They WON !  The lake re-opened this week, and the cars with kayaks, boats, etc were “lined up” to get in.  Go check out the page! Friends of Lake San Antonio Facebook page  .  Congratulate them on their victory!  This would never have happened if it had not been for a few passionate people who were willing to drive the 90 miles to Board of Supervisors meeting and “take on city hall” !!  Yes the small fish in the big pond can win when they get together and work together for a common purpose.

Oh, by the way – the lake opened on August 5th , and there ARE big fish in that lake!

Rich Lake San Antonio Aug 2016

Doesn’t my big brother look happy?  Congratulations on the great fish, and hoping your fishing will always yield a whopper! Congratulations on winning the fight for the right to use the public lake!


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