August already?

Thinking it is already August and I am still not finished with much!!  Then, of course, I commit myself to a quilt for a charity benefit auction that takes place at the end of the month.  No, I must not have enough to do, or in truth, there is nothing I personally can do for my friend, whose husband has a serious illness. So, I make a quilt.  What I should have done is make a list of all the projects I have looming, in various stages. UFO’s surround me, UFO’s are making me a little anxious and stressed….oh well…what’s another project…at least this one has a hard fast deadline!  I decided to stare at my design wall for a while….and then I stared at Facebook for a while, and then I found this pattern……The Star one…on the left….with the blue sashing.  SO….I got out a box of 2.5″ squares and made a few 4 patches, and some 3″ squares and made some half-square triangles, and then I got interrupted.


I had that Queen Bees gathering last week, and had to get my stuff ready, and then I came home with yet another UFO….the folded Christmas Tree.  I was happy to spend my time helping a new person learn to safely use a rotary cutter. Wednesday was my “SitNSew” group at church and I made nearly 500″ of binding for June’s quilt.  Then I spent the entire day on Thursday sorting the “stuff” that people donated to the 2nd Time Around table at the quilt guild.  Kathy & I got it all “ready for re-sale” which was a huge undertaking, all in one day.  By Friday, I could finally get back to thinking about that “benefit auction quilt”.

I made some half-square triangles, only cutting into the stash for the white – and some 4 patches.  All were made using my “scrap storage system” for the 3″ squares I needed for the HST and the 2.5″ squares I had stored in a little bin.  I got busy trimming HST and building these blocks over the weekend –


I printed out a picture from a group on Facebook that inspired my blocks –




I got the last few constructed on Monday evening, and on Tuesday I set my goal of getting them sashed, and joined to form a quilt top.  What a difference the sashing made!


SCRAPPY STARS – by Mary Deeter

My goal was to get it ready to “layer” at my Wednesday Sit N Sew at church.  I pulled the fabric for the backing last night – I picked this one because I had about 8 yards! And it didn’t fight too hard with the colors on the front of the quilt.


I packed up, got to the church at 10 am, and proceeded to prep this fabric for the backing.  Once I got it pieced, and set out on the tables where we pin baste, I slapped my hand across my forehead and yelled at myself!  NO BATTING…..I had left it at home….duh…..So, I pressed it anyway, and folded it over a hanger and brought it back home.  I did however have a 2nd project, and that was the Courthouse steps log cabin that was in the first picture.  I needed to prep a back for it too.  I will share the great fabric I chose for it in another post.

Well dang, at least both quilt tops have backings and next Wednesday, I will layer and pin baste them. (If I remember to cut the batting and bring it!)

Until then, I can get back to some of these other projects cluttering up my big table.  I have it covered in scraps from the Quilt Guild donations; and JUNE’S QUILT is back; ready to trim and bind. (I made that binding last week in case you forgot).  Carolyn did a wonderful job long arm quilting June’s quilt; and I have labels to get ready for it and another one of Junes.   So; I am not without a project or 2 or 10.

Happy Stitching….and keep your fingers crossed, I might eventually get back to my Pet Mosaic.



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