Scrap Happy Challenge and Addison’s Quilt

After my busy weekend last week, I thought I would share with you a little “in-between” project I have done.  I follow Pat Sloan on her blog & Facebook group, and earlier this week she linked up a pattern.  She calls it her “Scrap Happy Challenge – Courthouse steps”.   Pat Sloan’s blog post    She has made one in reds and whites that is just beautiful.  Since I am really a scrap-aholic, I decided I would just go for the “light/dark” and see how it works out.

I took my 1.5″ bin and my  2″ squares container to a “Sit ‘N Sew” that I coordinate at my church on Wednesday.  I wanted a project that had no “deadline” or pressure associated with it.  My 1.5 ” bin was overflowing, and so I got started.   I “goofed up” on round 4 & 5 and got lights where I should have had darks.  Rather than rip them all out, I went with the mistake and so half of my blocks are “opposite” of the pattern..  It is not a show quilt, so I decided to just have fun with the processes.   I also put 1 extra round of strips on, pulling from my 2.5″ bin.  The pattern was to finish the block at 8″ .  My “fat” seam allowance gave me blocks that were 7 3/4″.  So, the extra round was handy, giving me bigger blocks.  I trimmed them to 9.5″.  I ended up with 25 squares.  Put them together this afternoon, and will add it to my list of things to “finish”.  It was a nice way to reduce the amount of strips in my 1.5″ container.  (Last week I did a bunch of string blocks at our Sit’N Sew. , putting a big dent in my 2″ and 2.5″ bin).

Time now to put the scrap bins back in the cupboard. Note – My seam allowance “varied” because I sewed with 2 different machines. I have a Brother 6000i that I travel with, and a Janome 8900 at home, and it caused this “fat seam allowance”.  I knew when I switched to my home machine it would give me a tad bit of trouble, but I adapted and just kept adding strips!

Scrap Happy Challenge Courthouse Steps

I decided while I was putting this Scrap Happy Challenge together that I would keep this for a “baby” quilt at MY house, for when Addison comes to visit.  Again, MY THANKS to the givers of the scraps! Most of those great scraps came from my friends Cindy and Nancy!  Some are from quilts that I have made, and it was fun playing with and remembering fabrics & quilts.

Earlier in the week, I got busy with the backing for Addison’s quilt and came up with a plan.

I decided to use up some of the “extra fabric & extra squares” in the quilt backing.  I tripped over this pattern for Patchwork Wheel Block on a blog post called “Don’t Call Me Betsy. (Great blog by the way!) The link should take you to the tutorial.  I thought this would work perfectly for using up some of my 211 extra half square triangles I had made.  Since my HST were 5″, the blocks turned out at 18.5″.  Aren’t they FUN ???


And I had ALL this fabric left over…..

Backing thoughts

and I put it together like this:


Now, all the big blocks are sewn together.   I need to add a 5″ strip at the top and bottom, just to ensure I have plenty of length when I layer it up. (The quilt top measures out at 80×89, so I wanted the backing to be at least 90 x 100.  Knowing that some will get trimmed off made the placement of the wheel blocks important.     At our Sit’N Sew I did get the binding made. This week at our Sit ‘N Sew I will get it “layered and pin basted”.

All in all, a great week of sewing and very Scrap Happy!  Tomorrow is Ocean Waves Quilt Guild Community Sewing Day; where we work on projects for some of the charities we support. It is a great time of fellowship with the members of the guild.  Oh….did I mention that Pat Sloan is coming to speak at a local guild??  She will be speaking on July 21st in Milford Delaware at the Piecemakers Quilt Guild. A notice was sent out to one of the other guilds I belong to, and I am rounding up a couple of friends to attend this lecture.  I think the $5 “guest fee” is reasonable with a nationally known speaker.  I look forward to that event…and maybe my Scrap Happy Challenge quilt will be “close to finished” by then!

Have a great week!


7 thoughts on “Scrap Happy Challenge and Addison’s Quilt

  1. I’m so happy to see a Courthouse Steps quilt made with a variety of scraps! Yours turned out so colorful and fun! I’m considering making one myself with scraps and not limiting myself on color or pattern. My scrap bin needs to be used up and you’ve proven that it looks great! Thanks so much!

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  2. It’s so much fun to sew with scraps for mindless sewing. Whatever happens works. I’m so glad to hear that your 8900 gives a fat seam allowance. My Jem is spot on but I just bought the 9400 and was concerned that the quarter inch foot and the quarter inch stitch setting didn’t give me my customary quarter inch seam. I need to cut some strips with the accuquilt die and do some experimenting to find a proper seam allowance.

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    • When I choose the 1/4″ setting on my Janome 8900 (Stitch D95)and use the “P”, the machine defaults to to 8.6 for a needle position. When I line up the Perkins Seam Guide it is LEFT of the guide hole, considerably. 9.0 is the “proper” 1/4″ setting; and with intricate piecing, it is where I should be setting the needle position. Darn the manufacturer for “giving you a 1/4 inch setting that is not correct. I have to remember to “reset” to 9mm. 🙂 That caused me a dickens of a time on the Bonnie Hunter “Allietare” this winter. 🙂


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  4. I too fell in love with Pat Sloan’s Scrap Hapoy Challange. I finish my top in red,whit and blue. Working on trying to figure out my backing and binding for it. It is an election year so I wanted something patriotic.

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