Happy Independance Day

A damp day is ahead; but the shade garden loves all this rain.  The weeds as well as the flowers!!


 Don’t criticise…I would rather be sewing.  I do like to drive in and look at the yard and say “ahhhh”…..when everything is neatly trimmed, the weeds are pulled and all is in bloom.  That hasn’t happened this year at all.  Ok, the lawn is mown, the worst of the weeds in my flower garden have been tackled, but the trimming of the bushes etc hasn’t happened.  Hubby and I are so easily distracted!


There are 2 giant weeds attacking my garden and I have to spray them to get rid of them…they have terrible roots.  One is right behind this flower….

The accidental flower — Cone Flowers I think.


I’m not sure how this plant ended up in the flower bed, but it gets better EVERY year !  Look at all those flowers getting ready to bloom.  It gets to stay because it blooms pink!  And tucked away behind are the Astilbe that I did intend to be in this area.

All this rain has made for easy weeding.  I did some of that last week but was eating alive by all things creepy crawling in the garden. I judiciously applied some bug killer to the flower bed only.  The ants and other such things can creep and crawl over the rest of the yard but I won’t weed if they are chewing my feet.     Should be safe to return to the weeds tomorrow. Going to try and force myself to spend 30 minutes or so out there each morning!  I do love to have that “AHHHH” moment when I drive in the gate.  And a morning like today; with little road traffic is just perfect. Right after the rain stops……maybe later I will tackle the weeds….not getting soaked for something that is not a lot of fun!

Hoping the sun will be out tomorrow!


One thought on “Happy Independance Day

  1. It’s hot and dry here and those weeds seem to grow in any weather. Pulling them when they are in moist soil is always easier. I bought a pair of ankle high Muck boots/garden shoes a year or so ago. I love the fact that I can wade in and nothing gets close to my feet. Have a good holiday, Mary. 🙂

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