Sticking to a project~!!~

Well….I did it….I stuck to the # 1 project and got it completely assembled.  Next up is borders; backing; quilting etc etc etc….But, the hard part is done, and now I can move on to Project # 2….
For your view pleasure, I present my version of Scrap Dance Tango; a quilt designed by Carole –  From My Carolina Home blog  .  My project is going to finish as a KING SIZE QUILT.   Currently the quilt is 88 x 104″ set with the blocks 11 across and 13 down.  I chose the “a/b” setting.  Carole finished her quilt with a 2″ background fabric and a 3 ” green print border.  I know I better do a little “measuring” with the quilt on my bed so I can check out the drop etc before I make a final decision on borders etc.  

Scrap Dance Tango is Assembled

Thanks Carole for a FUN mystery quilt.  For those “new readers” a little back story —- we started this in January with cutting instructions and construction of half square triangles.  In my case, it was 1430 half square triangles, finishing at 2.5″.  Once a month, Carole presented the next “step” in the dance (I mean pattern); with the final step revealed on June 10th.  If you are interested in this pattern, it will soon be available for sale.  Check Carole’s blog post for more details.  

I thought I would share with you a picture of just the basic  blocks – before the assembly began, so you can envision from where it all started: 

working on step 6 Scrap Dance Tango

Special thanks to my friends who continue to bless my life with little “scraps” of fabric, especially Cindy J. and Nancy B.   I welcome their contribution to this project.  The only fabric that I purchased was the  white background fabrics.  I made those “scrappy” also, so I could stay with the Scrap Dance Tango theme of things.  

Now, it is time to move on to Project # 2 – Addison’s Quilt – which is simply lacking 2 borders!!

This may be a finishing kind of weekend in terms of quilt tops!!  Stay tuned.  



5 thoughts on “Sticking to a project~!!~

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    • Thanks. The cool part about Carole’s pattern was she broke it down into “manageable” sections. The only daunting part was the 1430 HST in step 1. But she did tell us that we had several months to work on them. I used her project as a “fill in the blank” , as we worked on it over 6 months. I think I am the only crazy one to do a king size!


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