Building Blocks for Step 4 Scrap Dance Tango

It is amazing how much you can get done in an afternoon!  The parts are all in bins, ready to assemble.  Carol designed the steps in such a manner that we just had to assemble “already constructed parts” for this step.  Block A is completed- all 72 for a king size!

43 out of 72.

Pairs selected for the next  bit  of stitching for step 4

All 72 blocks completed

Hubby had a model railroad club “ops session” and was gone , and I took advantage of the time to get Step 4 for the Scrap Dance Tango Mystery Quilt completed.

Believe it or not, I even cooked dinner. Afterwards, I went back out to my sewing room and took all the blocks off the wall and put them back into their file trays, to wait for “next month”.  Remember, I still have a couple of boxes of “parts” ready to go!    I know I am in good shape for the Half Square Triangles.  How about this for a little math:  I made 1430 half square triangles.  In block A that I just completed, I have used 720 of them. The rest await the next step.  We also used 144  dark 2.5″ squares and 288 background 2.5″ squares.  I may have to do  a recount and see if I have all those solids  & neutral squares ready .

The king size might seem daunting, but I have to say, having it broken out into the steps is really working! Thanks Carole!

For scale reference, the Half Square  Triangles are 2.5″.

Pattern is by Carole on her blog From My Carolina Home

Oh, I did mention I am working on a baby quilt…..I finally have all the fabric prewashed, and have been working off and on all week to get it all starched and iron and ready for cutting.  I have 3 more pieces to tackle before the cutting begins.

As I was sewing yesterday, it was snowing!  Yes, my tulips are up, the daffodils have passed their peak, the iris are coming along nicely, the spring grass needs to be mowed, and we had wet huge snow flakes mixed with rain all afternoon.  Today, the sun shines, no snow stuck, and the grass is too wet to mow and we woke up to frost.  Spring has been fickle this year.    That is what we get for the 75 degree Christmas day we had!

Somehow, I don’t think I will get to sewing any skirts for my trip or doing any fun embroidery work on t-shirts either. Oh well, nobody cares what I am wearing on my cruise! My capris from last year won’t get worn this week anyway, so I can start pulling them out and getting them ready to pack.  I’m have way to much fun to fuss anyway!  One week from today I will be flying to California to meet up with my little sister before we board our ship on Monday for 15 days round trip to Hawaii. I am going to leave all the planning to her! The only non-fun is the 6 am flight on Sunday for a short hop to Philadelphia and thank goodness the flight west is NON-STOP and I will be asleep as much of that flight as possible!

What exciting plans do you have for this week??



10 thoughts on “Building Blocks for Step 4 Scrap Dance Tango

    • Thanks! YOU make it so easy to “assemble” these blocks! There was a comment by a person on my post that called this a Bouncing Betty block, from the depression era. I thought that was interesting. I always tell my hubby that there is really nothing new in quilting, it is about how the colors are used , and the blocks are set that make it new and interesting. Seriously, your methods for mysteries is awesome!

      Liked by 1 person

  1. I am excited to see what the B block will look like and how Carole will arrange the setting! She does great mysteries! Bouncing Betty sounds like I should have used 30’s fabric! I’ve been collecting a bit of reproduction 30’s, and this pattern has been very fun. Might have to think about doing another (smaller) after this project is complete. Thanks for popping in to comment.


  2. Have a great time on your trip, I will look forward,to hearing a report.

    My Scrap Dance Tango block A’s are done, if I have guessed right about total number I need. I would rather have to make a few extra blocks later than creat too many orphans now!

    I love what you are doing with Allietare- my top is finished and now rests in the “to be layered, basted and quilted” queue.

    I mostly post at IG, as @susansquiltstudio, am using Susan in Dublin on Flickr, don’t have a blog.


    • I will pop in on insta-gram (if I can figure it out….) and take a look! I would love to see your Allietare. Mine is still “in queue” for getting that last round of borders. I was feeling kind of iffy about the fabric choice for the final round, but decided in the last few days, that I may just applique a nice green vine and some little ready flowers on it, ala “Pat Sloan” . Nothing too fussy, and another way to give it personality that is mine alone. It may be a couple of months with my travel plans and all the family visits that will be coming to my house in May. Thanks for taking time to stop in and comment.


  3. What a terrific quilt, and terrific project! It’s really amazing that you can keep all those thousands of bits and parts and pieces all straight. It will be gorgeous when finished.
    I think your trip to Hawaii sounds divine–hope you have a great time.
    (By the way, I rarely get back to a post I commented on, so if you reply, send it to my email so I can chat back!)

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