Thursdays Doors Niagara on the Lake

11 years ago, I took a wonderful trip with my best friend and our daughters to Niagara On the Lake in Ontario Canada.  We spent a delightful long weekend attending theater productions in the evenings and sightseeing during the day.    On one of our drives from Niagara Falls back to Niagara On the Lake we stopped at the bequest of one of the daughters to take a photo of this wonderful house with the red door.


We were all charmed by the beauty of the home, the yard and the bright red door.  Imagine our surprise at the name when we got “up close” to take the photo!!


A stay in Niagara on the Lake is best experienced at one of the delightful inns or  bed & breakfast abodes you will find in the quaint town.


Our stay at the Highgrove was delightful.


Imagine returning everyday to this welcoming front door!

No trip to Niagara on the Lake would be complete without a visit to Niagara Falls!


Or a road trip –


that ends in a place like this –


and then, when you have stopped at more than one or two of these places –  you tend to get a little silly –


For more photo’s of the falls and around the village of Niagara on the Lake, check out my FLICKR album – Niagara on the Lake album

This post is part of Thursday Doors, an interesting and fun series orchestrated by Norm Framptom. Check out Norm’s page to see his door, and a link to the other doors this week. You can also add a door of your own and join the fun.Thursday Doors is a weekly feature allowing door lovers to come together to admire and share their favorite door photos from around the world. Feel free to join in on the fun by creating your own Thursday Doors post each week and then sharing it, between Thursday morning and Saturday noon (North American eastern time)



21 thoughts on “Thursdays Doors Niagara on the Lake

  1. Years ago, we drove from Cleveland to Toronto several times and drove on the Canadian side after crossing the bridge in Buffalo. It’s a beautiful drive. There’s also a doll museum there that was fascinating, even to my husband.


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  2. Those are two stunning doors. The red door is so vibrant. About 10 years ago, we visited the Falls with a friend from England, after attending a conference in Toronto. It’s always a fun time when visiting that region (and the Falls are remarkable).

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    • 🙂 I loved staying in Niagara on the Lake and going to the local theaters in the summer. It is a great spot for a long weekend of wine, theater and sightseeing. The wineries always get me! 🙂 (I did that on a dare….)

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  3. It looks like a wonderful village! The doors and patios were quite welcoming!

    I have only been to Niagara Falls once back in the early 80’s. Time will tell. Being down in the Mist of the Falls was incredible. I’d love to do that again with my sisters. I’m hoping to be able to fit it in this Spring while in NYC.

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