Allietare – Assembled – ready to trim

Yesterday I mentioned I would not show any pictures until I had the main part of my Allietare assembled and ready for trimming.  I had some free time in the afternoon, and got that last seam together, and ironed.  Trimming is next and border decisions need to be made.  I will open up that pattern one more time and see what Bonnie Hunter recommended, then decide just how big I want the finished quilt to be.  It currently measures  71 x 85.  I have a king size bed, so thinking the borders will have to be carefully considered.

Allietare...ready for trimming

Not much will happen in my sewing room until nearly dinner time, but I ask you to “wish me luck” as I proceed!

Note: pattern is by Bonnie Hunter – the Quiltville Winter Mystery 2015, Allietare.  I changed 2 of the recommended colors – I chose green instead of grey, and brown instead of black.  I used a constant red; and a constant gold for the center of the stars, and went scrappy with the smaller gold pieces and the neutrals.


8 thoughts on “Allietare – Assembled – ready to trim

  1. I love your colors and the quilt pattern. I assembled mine a couple weeks ago and I absolutely fell in love with it. So much so, that I did another with blue batiks and yellow. I did not follow Bonnie Hunter’s pattern for the curved border, but made way too many of the headless geese, so made a few more and used that as a border along with a narrow black border and bound it in black. It turned out beautifully, I think.

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  2. Hi Cheryl – Thanks for taking the time to comment. What I loved about Bonnie is she breaks this outstanding pattern down into nicely manageable parts! I would love to see the pictures of yours!
    I’ve seen it done in a couple of color ways on Bonnie’s Facebook page and they are all stunning.


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