Thursday’s doors

I was looking through my albums yesterday and tripped over some photos from a few years ago.  I thought I would link up to the Thursday Doors.  Norm’s Thursday Doors posts

I have taken 2 cruises in the last 11 years to Mykonos Greece.  My second trip gave me the opportunity to take these photos.

Mykonos Greece

I love the variety of colors in these doors and windows.

Mykonos Greece

The doors are pretty simple, but the color stands out against the whitewashed buildings.

windmills in Mykonos Greece

The blue is the typical color.

Doorway in Mykonos

All that is left is the door way here!

Mary Cruise 033

Through this doorway you can see my transportation!

Mykonos Greece church doors

There were many small places of worship around the island.

Hope you enjoyed this little visit to Mykonos and all the colorful doors & doorways!


14 thoughts on “Thursday’s doors

    • Thanks for taking time to pop in to read my blog and for your kind comments. I was inspired by Judy @ to post “door” photos. I loved my tours in the Mediterranean. I may have to re-visit my photo files for next week!

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  1. Welcome to the challenge. I was on Mykonos many years ago, in the mid 70’s, and still remember the beauty of white everywhere, punctuated by the bright blues and other colors. Thanks for such a lovely reminder.


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    • Thank you Janet for commenting. It has been a few years since I visited but these photos remind me of how much I love the Greek Islands. The pace on the islands is so relaxed and Mykonos is a place I think I would choose for a long visit.

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