In Grandma Mode

Do you  wonder why my half -square triangles are not finished for the Scrap Dance Tango Mystery quilt, by From My Carolina Home ?  I had to get ready for a trip!   I did manage to get about 1000 of them made and trimmed in January, and I tested a bag pattern for Carole.  I went to 2 guild meetings in February, 2 Quilt Bees in January.  Numerous meetings for the church and the guild,  I still managed to work on bathrobes for 3 grandchildren and a special “super hero” cape for a birthday boy!  I am starting to feel like I will never get my Bonnie Hunter Allietare Quilt off the design wall.  That is my “project” to put at the “top of the list” !  I really DO need a priority list!  I told a friend on Saturday night as I was “finishing” a project that I work best “under pressure of a deadline”.

So the day has come, and  I am off to Texas for a week to spend time with my grandkids (and their parents too).  Looking forward to catching up on all the wonders of their lives!  I can not believe it has been 6 months since I have seen them!  I must plan QUARTERLY trips!! (And maybe a trip around Christmas this year too!).

My bags are packed, I’m ready to fly! I have goodies in my bag for them!~!  Thinking back over the last month, I did get a bit “done”, ready to take along in my suitcase!


Grandma project complete

Size small Simplicity pattern 1562

You’ve seen those robes, and now I get to deliver them!

Got it finished

My grandson asked for a Batman Cape last AUGUST !!  I finally got it going and finished!!  The Batman cape is made of a lightweight satin fabric.  I put elastic loops at the bottom of the cape along the front for Batman to hook his thumbs in, so he can “spread his wings” for optimal flight.  The “batarang” was done using sparkly black felt that I appliqued to the yellow cotton oval shape. Heat n Bond light is a great product when working with odd shapes!  It worked well with the felt; and when I stitched along the edges, it was very stable with the addition of the Heat N bond.

Got it done!!  Now I just need to attach it to the cape!!

Hope to keep up with all your posts, when time permits!  Happy stitching! Happy Valentines Day too!


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