Scrap Dance Tango Step 2 and Poll results

Thanks to so many of you who took time to comment on my last post about “tearing fabric” and online quilt store shopping.  The results of the poll thus far :poll on my blog about cutting vs tearing

It was a great discussion point with my quilting friends all week too!!

Yesterday brought the second step in the From My Carolina Home “Scrap Dance Tango Mystery Quilt”.  These directions are coming out once a month, and because I decided to “go big” I am already behind, but have enough done that I can move forward with step two.  You might remember I said I need to make 1430 half square triangles (2.5″).  I have just over 1000 done and ready to use, and have the 3″ squares in the “prep stage” .  But since they are all not being used in Step 2, Carole said we could “move ahead” and keep making them while we work on the new step.  I had to print out the instructions late yesterday and get a few of the new blocks constructed.

And we are starting step 2

Need to make lots more, and this assembly part doesn’t take too long. I did these 9 in less than 30 minutes.

So, I have a lot more to make, and more HST to mark, stitch, press, and trim.  I had an assembly line going for the trimming in the kitchen last week.

trimming slivers

Trimming those HST makes lots of scraps.  I am filling a stretchy mesh onion bag with the scraps, and will hang it in the tree for the birds to use for feathering their nests.

More HST to trim

I have just today left to get my act together before I leave for Texas and a visit to the grandkids! So, no more work on the Scrap Dance project until I return!  Happy Stitching.


12 thoughts on “Scrap Dance Tango Step 2 and Poll results

  1. Have a great time visiting with your grandchildren! I think your idea of scraps and the onion bag is a great idea! I will have to give it a try and see if any of the many varieties of birds will use the scraps of fabrics for their nest building here. Great job on the Scrap Dance Tango step! Have a fantastic creative day!

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    • Thanks Brenda!! I look forward to my visit, and of course will be “behind” on the project, but that is ok! The trip is worth getting behind a week or so! The onion bag worked well for me last spring. I tried an “orange bag” but it was too big. If you hang it in a tree, they will find the little bits of thread and fabric poking out.


  2. Enjoy your visit. I don’t feel so bad now that I might be behind – you are making a LOT of these! I’m doing them in rotation with two other projects – don’t know which one is the leader-ender! Your poll is interesting. I hate torn fabrics, but the Bernina shop insists on doing it that way. I do shop there occasionally. I don’t like the way it bends the threads. Nothing is printed on grain these days, and I don’t straighten, though I’m so old that I learned several ways to do that in Home Ec. class way long time ago. =)


    • Thanks for popping in! Glad you took the time to read the blog and comment. I agree with you about it “bending the thread”. The quality of the fabric is directly related to where it is being made, in my opinion. I am still making half square triangles; about 300 to go, but have lost count.


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