Tearing fabric Poll and Shopping On-line for fabric

Yesterday I posted about big box stores and local quilt shops. Today, let’s talk about shopping on-line for fabric.

But first, I want to thank my friend Judy.  She posted a comment on  yesterday’s blog post,  that you really must go back and read, along with my response!    The comment had to do with a local quilt shop “tearing” fabric instead of “cutting” fabric.   Her comment really fired me up on the subject, as you see in my posted reply.      Yesterday’s post   (Don’t forget to come back to finish reading this post!)

Where do you stand on that subject?  I have created a poll, and hope you will take a minute to answer!

Now, on to shopping ……

I have a “list” of people I do business with on-line who have been very trustworthy in their business model, quick to ship and well measured fabrics.

I am a regular online shopper with Hobby Lobby and Hancock Fabrics and have always had good experiences. Love the Hobby Lobby 40% off coupon you can use on up to 10 yards in a single cut.  I have done some online shopping with JoAnn’s also.  These “big box” online stores are fine, but what about others with a smaller presence?

I have ordered fabric on-line from Marshalls dry goods without any problem. It has been 2 years however.  I have also ordered online from Hancock’s of Paducah , and I love their catalogue they mail me once or twice a year.  My ordering from the Nancy Zieman website was less than satisfactory when an item I wanted was able to be purchased, then ended up being back ordered for more than 60 days. That order, I cancelled and won’t order again from her website, primarily because they never bothered to communicate with me.  Lousy customer service is a killer for me. I never go back.

There is a lovely quilt shop in Intercourse PA that I have visited and has an on-line presence — The Old Country Store  .  I have purchased both in the “brick and mortar” store as well as on-line and I highly recommend them.

Also in Intercourse PA (across the street and down 1 block) you will find Zook’s Fabric Store.  This store recently consolidated with another old Amish store – Sauders Fabrics.  Sauders has modernized the way Zook’s was run, with computerized inventory etc.  I have purchased fabric in both “brick and mortar stores” as recently as last fall.  I have never ordered on-line from Sauders Fabrics; but would venture a guess that they are going to manage your purchase in the same manner as in the store on Old Lancaster Pike.  Their website says “ We have successfully remodeled and completed, the Merger of Sauder’s Fabric Store into Zook’s Fabric Store, Inc.”  They carry all the major brands of fabric, and I like seeing the MODA fabric for $8.99/yard instead of $12+.  Note – Lancaster County PA is a great place for a spring shopping trip!!! Sauders is charging a flat shipping charge which is quite reasonable. They also carry wide backings for quilts at very reasonable prices.  So, visit their on-line store and see if you can find something pretty!  Look for their sale “codes” on the homepage too.  Sauder’s Fabric

Today I tripped over a “new” online store when I was reading a blog post on Jo’s Country Junction . Jo was excited about the arrival of a package of fabric from Whittles Fabrics .  So, after I read her post I had to go search out this fabric store.  This is a brick & mortar store in Kentucky with an on-line shopping presence and again, flat shipping costs.  I liked the prices per yard for those name brands like Moda, Benertex and Henry Glass in the $5-8 per yard.

There are many more on-line fabric stores that I have visited, but only as a “window shopper”. My email box is full of their ad’s on a daily basis.  It is hard to pick through them all, and know which ones are really ones you want to spend your hard earned money at.  What are your favorite on-line shops??  Why do you like that particular shop?  Are there any that you would urge others to avoid??  Do tell……………….

Oh, and if you are ever going to Lancaster County PA for a shopping trip, I know a few other places…….

Oh, one more thing….Do you watch the super-bowl or will you be quilting????


14 thoughts on “Tearing fabric Poll and Shopping On-line for fabric

  1. I took your poll. I have a friend that swears by the tearing of fabric for a straight “cut” and says that many moons ago that was the most common way that it was done. When buying materials, I have only experienced people using the scissors and yardstick method. As for online shopping, I have only ordered from two places the first Connecting Threads and the other was Nancy’s Notions and I received excellent service from both. There are definitely a ton of fabric shops available on line it is really hard to choose. Have a fantastic creative day!

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    • Hi Brenda – thanks for taking time to take the poll and comment too!! Glad you have found some on-line sources you can trust. I think the invention of a rotary cutter changed the fabric and quilting world!!


  2. I don’t mind tearing fabric as long as the torn piece is the length I am buying. In other words, it still measures the full yardage I am buying. However, I don’t run into shops that do that much. My local stores rotary cut. Online fabric stores I like – Fat Quarter Shop, Connecting Threads, Handcocks of Paducah, and Etsy.


    • Hi Carole – thanks for sharing your point of view. I’ve never purchased fabric on Etsy, but have from the others you mention. I think Judy was most upset about not getting the full yardage she paid for. 🙂


  3. I prefer to have my fabric cut. I’ve ordered online from Handcocks of Paducah and Hobby Lobby. Both were fine. When I lived in Australia, I used to wait for the Black Friday sale on Fat Quarter Shop and order a fat quarter bundle. Fabric is $24 a yard from quilt shops there, so it was always a nice once a year treat to buy from FQS, even with the postage! I will be quilting this afternoon, but being in North Carolina, I will be cheering on the Panthers. I haven’t quite got the hang of football over here. It is very different from Australian football!


  4. I want to see and feel the fabric I buy, so I rarely shop online. When I have, I’ve been disappointed too many times. As to tearing or cutting, I prefer rotary cutting for most pieces. However once I have fabric home, it’s not unheard of me to tear it, depending on the purpose.

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  5. *Many* years ago (sewing over 55 years!) I would, once in a while, encounter someone who would tear the fabric… But far more commonly, even then, the fabric would be cut.
    Now, I only encounter “cutters”. (It doesn’t really matter to me, as long as I have the full yardage, and the fabric is not grossly “off grain”)
    Although I do like to support LQSs, I can’t always find what I’m looking for. So, I have bought most of my fabrics and notions on line, from many wonderful sources! (I have been especially pleased with my many purchases from Nancy’s Notions…. I’m very surprised at your experience!)
    Happy stitches!


    • Thanks Pat for your comments and insight. My problem with N. Notions is they took my money and my order and never ever sent me my item. After 30 days I contacted them asking for a tracking number. Took another week to get a response, and then it was to inform me the item I ordered was on back order. A good customer service situation would have been to notify me immediately if an item was not available….and let me decide if I was willing to wait more than 60 days to get the item. The Cust Service rep I dealt with was very rude, like it was “my mistake” ordering something out of stock. I had to go to my credit card company to resolve the refund after I cancelled the order. Bad business in my book. Glad you have not had to experience that type of problem. I do thank you for taking the time to comment. 🙂


  6. I have two Joann Fabric stores close and a Hobby Lobby that is about a half hour away. The nicest quilt store I’ve been to around here is Keepsake Quilting, http://www.keepsakequilting.com, but it is about two hours from here one way so I don’t get there very often. On my last visit, they pile up all your bolts and make one cut with a rotary cutter and a ruler. Then they fold the fabrics together put turn each corner down. It looks like you have a beautiful flower of fabric. I may be the only person commenting that hasn’t bought fabric on line. I have trouble looking at the colors and deciding which one is really the right one. Maybe if I was buying several for a new project that would work better. I do know one thing – I won’t be shopping at Portsmouth Fabric again. 🙂

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  7. I think if I ever visit your area, I would plan a trip to Keepsake Quilting. They have a nice website and good prices. That little “flower of fabric” will help you to remember them when you are shopping next time. I have purchased on line from AQS website, but I have seen the fabric up close at a show, so I knew what I was getting. I do agree with others, that I like to touch and feel the fabric. By golly I would love to send a “link to my blog” to the Portsmouth Fabric store. 😉 Your experience with the poor customer service and the shorting you of fabric is not good. My guild has a new feature in our newsletter, and that is about highlighting “fabric stores” that we visit during our travels, so others know what to expect.


  8. I do shop online – Whittles, Fat Quarter Shop, Dakota Cabin Quilts, Over the Rainbow, eQuilter, Green Fairy Quilts, and many more. I go where I can find the best price. Sometimes that’s my local shops (a dozen or more) and sometimes it isn’t. I do shop hops locally, but not online. I’ve even shopped at Fancy Fabrics in Australia because they had what I wanted and no one in the US did. We have a fabulous world-wide craft resource and I see no reason not to use it all. I know the fabric lines I buy, the quality of those fabrics and the colors, so I don’t worry if I don’t get to touch it.

    I also buy at quilt shows, seeing way more than I can afford at the time, so if I find it on sale online later, and I can afford it, I buy it there. I don’t think anyone needs to be defensive about buying online or about not buying online. We all have different needs and those get fulfilled in various ways. Most of the shops have an online outlet now, too. One of my favorite shops closed and is ONLY online now. She told me once that if she had known how good online business was, she would never have opened a shop because it was expensive and a lot of work to do so.


    • I love collecting the names of all the on-line places that people have shopped! Whittles was a new one to me, so of course I had to go window shop! Quilt shows are dangerous for me ….. I spend way too much money. Was at one on Thursday! Have another one in March. I will make a list!!!! Thanks for commenting.


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