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This is “quilt guild week” for me, with a meeting on Monday morning of Ocean Waves Quilt Guild, Lewes DE.  I do the “Second time around” table.  I spent  4 solid days prior to the meeting organizing, cutting, trimming, ironing, measuring, marking and pricing fabrics that have been donated to the guild.   I fill my husband’s SUV to the ceiling with containers of fabric the night before the meeting and then arrive at 8 am to set up and sell these pieces to the members of the guild.  I emptied 3 full containers of fabrics, and the members all got a “great” deal.  It is so much fun to play with the pretty fabric!!  Of course, I want to keep it all, but this is not possible!  So, I sell it and get to play with it as I go.  Monday night I went North to another guild meeting, this time with Helping Hands Quilt Guild of Dover DE. This was a postponed meeting from January.  My friend June is a member of that guild and has not been driving at night, so I accompanied her and joined a 2nd guild!  Generally they meet the 4th Monday of the month, so it was odd to have 2 meetings in one day for me.  Good speakers at both meetings.  At Ocean Waves we had a speaker who discussed the Delaware Quilt Registry, and at Helping Hands we had a speaker who discussed requirements for entering a quilt into the Delaware State Fair. There was a 2nd speaker at Helping Hands, the owner of a local sewing center, who told everyone about the history of the ROW BY ROW shop hops and how it has grown to become a nationwide event from June 21 to Sept 8.  It was interesting to hear more about something that is getting quilters out shopping!

Speaking of shopping – I went on a “fabric store run” on Wednesday when Hancock Fabrics has their Senior Citizen Discount!  I was in need of some trim for a project.  My friend Nancy and I managed to get out of the store without breaking the bank.  Hancock Fabric’s is in the news lately with discussion of closing stores and filing for bankruptcy. I will be disappointed if we lose the store in Salisbury MD.

There really is “not much new” going on in  my quilt studio that I can talk about.  I am “sworn to secrecy” on a pattern I am testing for a fellow blogger.  I have made the project, sent in my commentary about the pattern and now must wait for the pattern to be published before I reveal the item.  I will give you a peak at the fabrics I used however~!~ I decided when I went for the trim at Hancock’s to just go ahead and get some nice fabric and not go into my stash. Fabric selection

Gavin by Bryant Industries

The graphic patterned fabric is a nice linen which will be lovely for the purpose of this particular item.

I have also been working on a quilt top that was made by an elderly dear friend.  She handed it off to me to “finish for her” last fall.    She had done a series of blocks and 9 patches around a panel (it was a kit in the 90’s I am certain).  When she got the kit, she couldn’t get the border fabric that coordinated with the medallion in the center panel.  I have been picking up fabric ever since she handed this quilt off to me, and giving her some ideas on how I could finish it.   I spent some time with her on Monday afternoon and managed to get  a decision from her.  She decided she wanted the wider dark  purple on first, and then a lavender.  So, yesterday I managed to get going with what you see here.  (I know it looks a bit hot pink in the camera, but it is a lovely tone on tone lavender that picks up the colors in the roses).  I have a beautiful green to finish it off with, but I am at a standstill.  She has a friend, an Amish hand quilter, who finishes her projects, and in the case of a bed quilt, will make it more like a bedspread than a quilt, by boxing the corners etc.  So, next week it goes back to my friend, for decisions about how she wants it finished and by whom.  I have seen 2 quilts that she has in her home with the type of finish the Amish lady does, and it is probably better that I hand it over so it suits her.  This has been a challenge for me as the original piecing is challenging to work with.  There are “bubbles” and without taking her quilt apart and resewing it all, I can’t get it to lie flat.  So, I did the best I could with it, and it is what it is!  I’ve ironed it dry. I’ve steamed it.  I’ve starched it. I’ve sprayed it with Best Press and let it air dry.  I don’t know what else to do with it to try to get the “bubbles” out of her piecing.

Working on borders

2nd round of borders on June's quilt

I am still working on my half square triangles for the Scrap Dance Tango mystery.

More HST to trim

I have about 600 finished in a box in the sewing room.  This picture has  300 in the box on the right, and another 100 or so in the box on the left.  We are at the trimming stage, and I tend to do this in the kitchen. (I will need a total of 1430 for the project. )  I have a nice little travel iron that I bring in the kitchen and use my travel pressing mat and work on them in the early morning or late evening.  I have everything pressed that is stitched, so I am back to trimming again.

I still have another 500 or so to put together.  I picked up some more tone on tone neutral fabric when I was at Hancock Fabrics on Wednesday.   I decided to collect my scraps as I trimmed to put in a mesh bag for the birds.  This is a stretchy mesh that a bundle of shallots came it.  When it is full, I will hang in the tree for the birds in the spring.  I read somewhere they like bright bits for their nests.

trimming slivers

I have one more “grandchild” project I need to get busy with before I venture off to Texas in a bit over a week!  I was asked MONTHS ago to make a new “BATMAN” cape; and that child is having a birthday while I am visiting!  Grandma better get busy!

Meanwhile, my Allietare Mystery Quilt still hangs on the design wall, waiting for me to redirect my focus back to it!

What are you working on???

Ocean Waves Quilt Guild Website

Helping Hands Quilt Guild Website

11 thoughts on “Not much new

  1. I appreciate the time and care you put into the Second Time Around table at Ocean Waves. I’ve picked up some great tidbits of fabric and a few patterns at very affordable prices – and it is always nice to help out the guild. Can’t wait to see pictures of the tester quilt you did! I’ve tested patterns for a gal who owns Its a lot of fun to test and comment isn’t it? You’ve inspired me to start up my blog again! The name of it is: See you at the Queen Bee’s mtg at your place in a few weeks! Pat

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you Pat! Glad you found bits you can use. That 2nd time around is a win-win – win for the membership clearing out unloved items, the members buying at a great price and the guild treasury! Can’t wait to go look at your blog and your friends!


    • Hi Judy! I decided to go big and do the king size! I am thankful it is a 6 month project, as my intent was to work on it “in between ” other things. If you wash that rag quilt before gifting, consider doing it at the local wash & dry laundromat. I hear they make a heck of a mess in the wash with all the lint. 😉 look forward to seeing your projects.

      Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks Carole ! I hope he is too!!! It takes me months to get around to projects for the GK’s because it is months between visits! The initial part of the cape is made, now I have to add the bottom section which is the points, then on to the applique on the back for the batarang symbol. Thank goodness for the internet where you can find images to use. 🙂


  2. Hi Mary,nice to meet you and now I`m following you by email.
    Busy girl,the purple quilt it`s an eye catching and can´t wait to see what pattern did you tester.
    Have a fun weekend.


  3. Hi Mary,nice to meet you and now I`m following you by email.
    Busy girl,the purple quilt it`s an eye catching and can´t wait to see what pattern did you tester.
    Have a fun weekend


  4. Hi Mary,nice to meet you and now I`m following you by email.
    Busy girl,the purple quilt it`s an eye catching and can´t wait to see what pattern did you tester.
    Have a fun weekend!!


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