The last one

I have set aside any quilting until I finished the “last one” – so here it is:  Size small Simplicity pattern 1562

This Simplicity pattern, # 1562,  was multi size, from adult to youth to child.   I chose the size child small for a 3 1/2 year old.  I use the alphabet settings on my Janome and make size tags, so the mommy knows.

I chose the child medium for the 5 1/2 year old

Grandma project complete

and a child large for the nearly 8 year old


I am so glad the mommy checked the measurements I took in August!   They all have reasonable hems for length.  These will go out in the mail this very soon.

I finished the “last one” about 7 pm Wednesday, and then I did quilty things until after midnight.  I did mention that I am going to start the Scrap Dance Tango Mystery quilt being run by Carole on her blog – From My Carolina Home.  If you click the button on the sidewall of my post it will take you to the first group of directions.

I printed out the directions for the cutting Wednesday night, and got busy.  I first pulled out my bin of cut 3″ squares; and pulled all the darks out of it.  Came out with about 100.  Then I started with the scraps on the back of my cutting table and got another 100 3″ squares cut.  Then to the scrap bags that were awaiting “scrap management” and cut from the first bag the deep golds and browns. Then I moved on to the “bag of blacks” and cut a bunch…and at this point I lost count.  I was able to get some of the 2.5″ squares cut as well, and a few smaller 2″ strips for the storage system.  About midnight I thought I would delve into my neutrals, and I know I am going to have to take that from yardage.  Somewhere along the line I looked at the number of Half Square triangles required, and thought – maybe I don’t want to do king size……..but, heck…I have 600 cut; and only need 715 for the king size!!

600 - 3" Squares from the Scrap basket . Need Another 115.

Fast forward from Wednesday night to Friday night….I decided to “go for it” and do the king size.  I pulled my neutral fabric, got the calculator out, and figured I needed over 3  yards for the 715 neutral blocks.  So, I am cutting what I have, and will add to the collection as the opportunity presents.  Took about an hour to cut about 280 neutral 3″ squares from yardage. I love my June Tailor Shape Cut Plus!  Easy way to cut a lot at a time!  First strips, then squares.    Still need to cut more, but I was on a schedule! Yardage is easy and fast to cut with the June Tailor Shape Cut Plus.  When I cut scraps, I usually have the standard 6×24 ruler out.  And those scraps all needed to be starched and ironed! Slow cutting, which is why I was at it from 7 pm to after midnight on Wednesday!

280 squares cut, need 715

After dinner tonight, I got “busy” with my June Tailor Perfect Half Square – Quarter Square Triangle ruler….first to mark the stitching lines……I had to highlight the edges of the fabric with pink, and the marking lines in green so it was more visible in the photo.

Working on marking my HST. Love using the June Tailor perfect HALF-Square and Quarter square Triangle Ruler,need 715 of these.

I did my marking while catching up on a few t.v. shows we missed during the busy week!  Marking the stitch lines for half square triangles Love watching Chicago Fire/Chicago PD/ and Chicago MD.  Nearly all of the 280 are marked.  I will chain piece them through with some of those 600 “dark squares tomorrow.  Trimming takes the time!  I know they will go fast!

We are getting the big “snow” storm that the talking news heads are going on about. Snow started around 2 pm on Friday, and it is still going, about 6 inches so far.  Good excuse to stay in and sew; except I have to “go out to go in” upstairs of the garage.

Hope you stay warm & dry. What are your sewing plans for this weekend?



10 thoughts on “The last one

  1. Congratulations on finishing “the last one”! They all look fabulous.

    Great job on cutting out all those pieces. Good on you for deciding to go for it with the king size.

    As for this weekend…I will be admiring the snow from the window of quilt cave and playing round in it early on. I’m from Australia and this is only the fourth time I’ve seen snow, so it’s still a novelty!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hi Sue – Thanks for taking time to comment. The best thing about snow, is the view from the sewing room window I think. No point in trying to get out and about if you don’t have to is my way of thinking. My sewing room is “out over the garage” so I will be putting on my coat and boots to get out there this morning.


    • Thanks!! I hope they don’t outgrow them too quickly! The grandson always hands his outgrown things down to the little sister, but I think they will be less likely to LOVE the star wars than they were with the trucks and trains the last robe was made from. Love to hear about your fabric choices for both the queen sized quilt and the baby quilt. So many great patterns out there, what do you plan to use? Baby quilts are SEW much fun!


    • I haven’t seen anybody mention what size they are doing. I love to cut, so it isn’t a problem. So far, the only “yardage” is the neutral. I never have neutrals in my scraps. I have to pick up more neutral, since I am sticking with the tone on tone. I used the Robert Kaufman app and it shows I need 4 1/2 yards to get all 715 3×3 blocks; and 2 1/2 yards to get all 572 of the 2.5″ squares. I am using the leftover yardage from the Bonnie Hunter Mystery quilt and will be keeping my eyes open for the “snow storm sales” next week. I figure I will cut the rest of my leftover yardage into the 2.5 squares so I will be prepared for the next “clue” in February. Pictures are up on Flickr.


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