Another finish for the grandkids

I just finished this!!

Grandma project complete

I had this bathrobe all cut out last week, and had the “hems” of the sleeves, and the hems on the facing already done, so today was “some assembly required” sewing.   I think I am getting this pattern figured out.  I haven’t had a chance in a couple of days to get out to the sewing room to just “sew”, and I knew this would go quickly once I did.  (Ok…like, 4 hours …but hey, it is done!)  This is the same pattern as the “STAR WARS” robe I posted last week. (That post is here if you missed it – Star wars robe)  So, have grandchild # 1 and 2 taken care of.     Now, I need to cut out and sew the “size small” for the littlest grandchild!  I can’t wait to bundle them up and get them in the mail as soon as the mommy gives me a thumbs up with mailing instructions. (They are settling into a new residence, so I must be patient) .   Fingers crossed the size small can be done tomorrow afternoon!

Yes, my Allietare is still hanging there on the design wall, waiting for the blocks to be stitched into rows, but it will have to wait a bit. I have a couple of other “must do’s” on the schedule before I can get back to it.  And oh, by the way….not that I need to start “another” project, but have you seen the button on the right side of my wall for the Scrap Dance Tango???   Carole at From My Carolina Home has another SCRAPPY MYSTERY QUILT starting this month, and that button will take you to her page with the cutting instructions. (If you are reading this on a mobile device, you might not see the button – so here is the link:

 Scrap Dance Tango!

And you know me, I love a good mystery, and I love scraps!  This mystery will take place over 6 months, with instructions coming out the 2nd Wednesday FRIDAY  of the month.  Hoping I can get started and keep up.  I do like her mystery projects, as I can often fit them “in between” other things.  I will plan on getting some cutting done this week; and work with the huge number of half square triangles that quilt requires.  Oh my, what size to plan for????  I guess it will be another king size….because I am always up for a big project.

This was my “view” today from my sewing room window…..not much accumulation, but enough to load up the branches and look pretty.  Snow today! The view from my sewing room

Meanwhile, what are you doing today in your sewing room?


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