Racks are loaded

Loaded and sorted and there is still a bit of room…..fancy that!

Thread is sorted

There are 390 spools of embroidery thread on those racks; with a capacity of  480!!  One of those spools is bobbin thread, so really I only have 389 different thread choices……Boy do I feel blessed!   I did have to download a color wheel to get started placing the thread on the wall racks, and I am sure I will have to move a spool from hear to there at some point.  Overall, I am pleased.  The big spools by Floriani have to sit at the end of a row, so their colors are a bit out of line with the others. Oh well, what are you to do about that?  Tough problem!

My ironing station will most likely be placed back under the thread racks.  It is on wheels so is very conducive to moving around as the need presents itself, and it is not so wide that I can’t reach over it to reach the thread.

In order to get all 4 thread racks side by side, my hubby had to take down a cabinet and move it over by the window. It seems to be a good place.  I used it for notions and the like, and when I emptied it, I wondered what and why  I was keeping some things in it for!  A little sorting and purging (GASP) is in order!  Some of the items definitely belong in the desk drawers. I think I need to keep that in mind as I rearrange the items back onto the shelves. I had him place it higher as I have another little shelf that will be hung just underneath that will give me some little drawers too.  So, I will try to remember not to put anything too high on the shelf!

Notion etc go in this reclaimed cupboard

Last new years, I was sorting and arranging, hubby was hanging shelves and I was organizing scraps.  It seems like I am destined to do that every year!  The rest of the room is in utter chaos as I have projects and hammers and other tools still lying about.  My friend Nancy offered to come over and help organize, and I may take her up on that offer after I get a little more “purging” done.  I am the “keeper” of the Quilt Guild 2nd Time Around “stuff”, so I always have new items coming into my space that have to be sorted, pressed, folded and made ready for sale. Some times I just leave it sit in a basket/box/bin for a while because I am busy with my own projects, and my own “scraps”.  Next week at our quilt bee we will be identifying our UFO’s and projects we want to work on this new year. It helps I think, to start off on a tidier slate…..but it may take me the rest of the month to get it together!

What are you doing with your sewing space today?

10 thoughts on “Racks are loaded

      • Judy – Bonnie Hunter has a great chart and tutorial – http://quiltville.blogspot.com/2005/06/on-point-quilts.html – She has such great info. There is also an app for your android cell phone from Robert Kaufman Fabrics/Quilters Paradise. It is a free app. They have a set-in and corner triangle calculator. I like to “compare” the two. The Bonnie Hunter quilt I am currently working on has set in triangles/corners, and my experience in the past was to STARCH the SQUARE HEAVILY before I cut it in quarters or halves. This will really help as you can experience all kinds of stretch with those bias edges along the outer edge. Another quilter I follow, you are familiar with Aunt Marti – 52 quilts (Susies Magic Binding ) recently had a timely post on setting triangles and on point calculations – http://www.52quilts.com/2015/12/tuesday-tutorial-setting-triangles.html . Golly; this answer is a whole blog post, so I will finish here and repeat on the blog! More there. 🙂 Send me an email with your up to date email address so I can reply personally next time – live2skide@yahoo.com


  1. The time I spend organizing and using my scraps, I hate to think what I would do as “keeper” of a guild’s items. I’m pretty much working in the middle of chaos because I want to finish a lap quilt for my older son’s birthday before I begin cleaning and organizing.

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  2. :)Fortunately I have a big space, out over our garage and once I get the guilds items sorted, they go back to a shelf downstairs in sealed containers. It makes me clean up periodically, especially when a friend is coming over to sort out the guild things, or work on a project! I need motivation like that! I am like you though, I want to finish a project before I start cleaning and organizing! Yesterday, my husband was willing to hang the racks and help move things, so I took advantage, even though I have a quilt on the wall calling my name and a bathrobe on the sewing table, half way constructed. I knew that getting the racks up and sorted would be good! And I sorted all the stuff for the white cabinet, had him hang an additional “general sewing thread rack” and another shelf. Great day, but sadly, no sewing.


  3. I’m cleaning out a lot of areas, recipes was the first, books is ongoing, and the sewing room will come along as the month goes on. I need to use up some of the 100s of yards of fabric in the stash, LOL!! Love your thread racks. I must have hundreds of spools of thread too, all in plastic bins by color.

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    • I got so excited when I saw your new Tango Scrap Dance project!! I can’t wait to pull the fabrics, but think I am going strictly from my scrap bins/boxes/bags. Just recently sorted newly acquired scraps by color, so this will be fun! Good luck with your “clearing” ! I need to stay out of the fabric stores for a while! 🙂 Thanks for the updated code. Changing the button now!


  4. Wow! I’m impressed by your embroidery thread collection. I’ve had my machine since 2000 and haven’t collected that many! You daughters gifting you those is a true blessing. So, now I expect to see an embroidered landscape quilt coming from you quilt studio very soon. 🙂


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