Threads in many colors and more

I received the BEST gifts from my daughters this past Christmas!  A new Thread Storage Rack and more THREAD!!  I ‘wished’ for more colors for my embroidery machine, and my goodness those daughters of mine came through big time!




I had so much fun PLAYING with the colors, arranging them first in numeric order based on the sticker on the top of the spool, then in color order!  I took a few pictures and shared on the Brother Embroidery Group on Facebook.  I was contacted by the vendor who fulfills Amazon orders.  (She recognized the box in one photo I think).  She asked if she could share my photo’s on her facebook wall, and I said ok.  In appreciation, she sent me a present…..more thread!  Variagated thread!!


So, now I have 291 new spools of embroidery thread, to add to my existing 93 spools.  I decided I better treat myself to a couple more thread racks!!  Since I had a gift card from JoAnn Fabric for Christmas, I ordered 2 more racks.  Now, I need to get them hung up in the quilt room, and then I think I will arrange my threads in color groups.  I just have to say, all this thread is FUN !!  I am anxious to get some embroidery projects underway once the thread is all stored on racks.  Meanwhile, I am still working on other projects!

Last week, I visited one of our local quilt shops, during the “January Sale” and used a gift certificate that I had and picked up fabric to go on the back of my Allietare Mystery Quilt. (see the note at the bottom of the page).  My friend Nancy & I had a nice time shopping together, using those wonderful gift certificates that we each had!


I had the wine label fabric on the far right, and I thought the two fabrics on the left went well with it, and I will create a pieced back of some sort.  I am not sure right now what it will be, but those 3 fabrics will be the focus of the back.  I may use one or more in the borders on the front of the quilt too.  I am still plodding along with the assembly of the blocks into rows. I will update the photos when I get a bit further along.

After we finished our fabric shopping, Nancy came back to my house and layered a couple of beautiful quilts on my big table.  We pin basted them for her to machine quilt.  I just loved this jelly roll race that she did!  2016-01-14_09-38-16

She had another that she pin basted, but it was a gift for a friend going through chemo, so I did not take a photo.  Nancy is such a nice person, and I have had the joy of helping her get started in the world of quilting.  We used to be neighbors, and it has been fun reconnecting over a shared hobby.  She just got an embroidery machine, so we will have some fun as she learns the ropes with it too.  She is a skilled knitter, and has gifted me hats for my grandchildren in the past.  My grandson “lives” in the wonderful knit cap she made him. I have a friend who just started her chemo journey, and asked Nancy if she would perhaps make a hat for her.  She gave me a lovely variegated purple and blue hat, and my dear friend Chris LOVED it.  Thanks Nancy!  I know those children at AI Dupont Hospital, who wear the knitted hats you donate, love them as well!  Nancy has such a generous spirit, always making things for others.

I took a break this week  to work on this non-quilt project for my grandson and finished it up last night -(Note – he asked me last August if I could make him a new bathrobe, and I picked up this fabric not long after that request)


I was on such a roll with that bathrobe, that I started another.  The granddaughters are getting new robes too, and the first one for the girls is all cut out and partially sewn. Thank goodness I verified sizes.  My middle grandchild has grown almost 4 ” since the summer, and I was just about to cut out her robe, in a smaller size.   I am using the same pattern for all 3, and started with the large! I like using the same pattern, because while working with the first one, I overcame all the pattern/sewing challenges, so the last 2 should go together easily!  (I’d forgotten that it is so much easier to “hem sleeves” before the sleeve is attached to the garment and the side seams are stitched.  Much easier for me to do that hem while it is still “flat”. Might not be the “pro” method, but works easier for me.  )  I do so much better with quilts than garments, and I have been “stalling” on this project.  It was supposed to be for Christmas, and it is going to be a January gift ! Hoping to get them finished by the end of the weekend and in the mail to them early next week.

Since my previous post, I spent one last weekend selling raffle tickets for my hubbys model railroad club.  Over the course of 4 weekends this winter we had over 6000 visitors to his club.  It was a joy this morning to post the photo’s of the raffle winners on his club’s Facebook page!  DelMarva Model Railroad Club  I like to see the faces of the winner’s when they come to pick up their prizes!  I’m finished with raffle tickets until November and can get back to my projects!

Sew….that’s it for now!!  What are you working on?

note:  Allietare Winter Mystery Quilt 2015-2016 is a project by Bonnie Hunter – Quiltville.  This link  ( Quiltville  )     is for the “link-up” following the reveal on New Years Eve.  This quilt pattern is available for free on Bonnie’s blog until the 1st of February. Look under the Allietare Mystery Tab on her page.  After Feb 1, she is removing the free pattern, so get it soon!  


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