Allietare Winter Mystery Quilt progress – Pattern reveal

Happy New Year !!  Another year of retirement and quilting has passed by.  I have had a very good time this past year, and most recently working on the annual Bonnie Hunter/Quiltville Allietare Winter Mystery Quilt.  Info on the mystery quilt here   Note – If you are interested in the pattern, go download the steps NOW.  Bonnie has said she will only keep the link ‘active’ on her blog until Feb 1, 2016, then she will pull it for inclusion in a book or digital pattern for sale later.   (If this link doesn’t work, it is because you arrived at the page “too late”…and the mystery had been removed for her book)

Oh my, it was last YEAR when I began talking about this project!!  I have made some progress through the clues.  My last post – last year, I think I mentioned clue/step 4 was “out”, but I didn’t share any photo’s as I hadn’t “started”.  That was the week before Christmas.  Well, since then, step  4/5/6 have come out and I have made an effort to keep up during the Christmas & New Year festivities.

Clue / Step 4 (Bonnie calls them steps – but I feel like they are clues since it is a mystery)  – Step 4 was HARD !  Took me 2 weeks to work through it, and I was just finishing up when step 6 (the big reveal) came out.  Step 4 was more “headless geese”; 240 of them!!!  You would think I could have perfected them, but each and every one was a learning experience.

Clue 4 Allietare Winter Mystery Quilt

Some “ripping” of stitches required”….LOTS of that activity again……but I won.  That SCANT 1/4″ and I are NOT friends.


They do look pretty all lined up ! This first group took me about 3 days to get 9 sets….not speeding through this process!

Part 4 complete  Allietare Winter Mystery Quilt

There are 30 sets of 4 here…that equates to 720 individual bits and pieces in this step alone!  No wonder it took me 2 weeks.  But…. I did manage to finish JUST before Clue 6!

Clue/Step 5 was to combine elements from previous steps.  These went together quickly, and when Clue/Step 6 – The big reveal came out, I only had a few of the big rectangles to finish. 2016-01-03_08-07-14

New Years Eve arrived, and Bonnie Hunter released the reveal!!  I was able to get out to my sewing room on New Years day, and get busy; joining all those parts we had made over the last 6 weeks –we had 4 patches to join to our headless geese:

Part 6 of Allietare Winter Mystery Quilt

And center squares to cut and add with our headless geese –


and suddenly there is a beautiful star block.


And then there were the other blocks to build, where we combined parts made in previous clues! The pattern has you set the blocks on point; but as I only had a few made, I had to start getting them up on the wall so I could enjoy the fruits of my labor!  I will line them up on point, after I get a few more made.  I need to “empty my design wall” of other bits first so I have some room to work.

This is going to be a wonderful quilt.  I am glad I chose the green instead of grey; and the chocolate brown instead of black, as they just felt warmer to me, and picked up the colors in the gold with the floral.  I’ve only been able to sew on New Years day for a few hours, but hope to get back to my sewing room today and really finish up those blocks!  So, here is a peak at what I have been able to get done this far.

Part 6 of Allietare Winter Mystery Quilt

I keep telling myself this is not a race, and I will finish sooner than later.  The hard part is done, the foundation for all the blocks in the quilts is completed, and these are “just 9 patches” that I can chain piece.

I will be linking this post up with Bonnie Hunter’s blog today, and if you follow this link, Monday mystery link up , it will take you to her blog and the link up. You can see the various color waves that others have used in their mystery quilts, and enjoy seeing the progress of those who have posted.

I have to say my thanks to Bonnie Hunter – for her great pattern and instructions.  She “gives” this wonderful gift of a mystery quilt, and the fun of sewing along with hundreds of others is very exciting.  I enjoy seeing the fabric choices, color choice etc that others have made, appreciate the answers to my questions and suggestions through out this time.  Not everyone enjoys this time of year for many reasons, recent losses, sadness for many reasons.  This mystery quilt is a blessing to them during a difficult time of year. It gives them an opportunity to work on something fun, make friendships with other quilters on the blog or on Bonnie’s Facebook pages.  So, I say thank you to Bonnie Hunter for this beautiful pattern, and again, stretching me out of my comfort zone of quilting. I’ve learned a lot on this project.   Do stop in and visit  Bonnie Hunter’s blog , and enjoy her stories, her quilting fun and look at her wonderful patterns she gives away for free, and her many books and patterns she sells on her page.

If you want a look back at all the parts of this quilt; I posted about my steps here:  Clue 3 and here – Clue 2 and here – Clue 1  or for a quick peek of just photos – – hop over to my FLICKR album – Allietare Winter Mystery Quilt

If you are in the DelMarVa area – I invite you to visit the DelMarVa Model Railroad Club 30th Annual OPEN HOUSE.  This is what kept me from sewing last weekend, and will keep me away from my machine next weekend – January 9 & 10, 2016!  Our club is only open to the public 4 times a year, and this coming weekend is your last chance to visit this winter.  More info on the website – DelMarva Model Railroad Club

Happy New Year, and I hope you are enjoying your projects and hobbies!

4 thoughts on “Allietare Winter Mystery Quilt progress – Pattern reveal

  1. Oh, Mary! I really love the way this is coming along. Confession time, haven’t even started the clues. But it will be one of my 2016 projects. Not the same now that I’ve “peeked,” but now I’m even more inspired to make time for it. Exciting news: I’m taking a sewing machine back to Michigan with me! 😀


    • That is exciting news!! I think these mystery quilts are either a love / no love situation! Be sure and download all of the clues before the first of February! Then, take your time and work the “parts” as your schedule allows. If you look at the link-up on Bonnies blog yesterday, you will see some wonderful color waves. I hope to have 12 more blocks finished before I throw the towel in for the evening!


      • Yes, I saw them yesterday! Very exciting! I’ve already printed (and saved the first three clues). I’ll do the rest on Monday when I’m back on campus with a printer.

        I’m totally in love with mystery quilts. 🙂
        Good luck with your 12 more blocks.

        In other news, when I get back to Michigan, I’ve done enough practicing that I’m going to try to outline some bears! 😀

        Liked by 1 person

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