Mystery Quilt Clue 2 is FINISHED!

I am finally able to post that my Clue # 2 is completed on the Allietare Mystery Quilt.  I am linking up to Bonnie Hunter’s blog  with over a hundred others – Mystery Link Up . Most people linked up last Monday, but I was busy playing with trains all weekend, so my blocks were no where near ready for posting!  Clue # 3 came out on Friday and I was not ready.  I was still working on those units from  Clue # 2.    I am only ONE day behind but I have finally caught up I hope.  I feel so much FURTHER behind than everyone else.  I keep reminding myself it is NOT a race!

Note – I chose to substitute  colors in this pattern.  I am doing “less scrappy” too.  I chose an almost magenta  for my red and it will be constant.  I chose a constant grassy green instead of the gray; and I chose a constant chocolate brown with black undertones instead of black scrappy.  My neutrals are scrappy, but boring, and I have about 4 or 5 golds that I am using.  I like the way these fabrics worked together, and that is what matters most to me.  I found a great fabric for the back, though I probably didn’t get enough, so I will be doing a pieced back.

Clue # 2 blocks required you to use both the “easy angle” and the “companion angle” rulers.  The cutting was easy, the stitching was easy; the measurement for the finished piece was NOT.  I figured out while I was making the LAST 5 sets that my seam allowance was OFF !

My seam allowance was too FAT.….  I have a Janome 8900 and I used the quarter inch foot and the quarter inch setting and it is just too wide.  (Same problem on clue # 1).  I thought I had adjusted it, but I was not over far enough.  On Monday at my Quilt Guild meeting, a friend had extra “scant quarter seam guides” available from a shop hop, and I jumped at the opportunity to buy it from her.  (It is a little piece of plastic with a “scant 1/4 ruler line and a hole for the needle.  I stacked up some blue tape and post it notes and made a seam guide on the bed of the machine.)

I did a LOT of unstitching, ironing, re-sewing, measuring, and a tiny bit of trimming.  Bonnie Hunter is funny on her posts with the clues about “how to check” and “what to do” and “how to fix it” if your units don’t quite “measure up”.  Apparently, the most COMMON problem is that FAT seam allowance.  I really should name my seam ripper, as we spend so much TIME together……

There has been great conversation on Facebook about how these “Trapezoid Headless Flying Geese” look like Santa hats.  I think the Clover Clips make them look like little houses!  What do you think?

Step 2 of the Allietare Mystery Quilt

There was some other cutting to do for Clue # 2, and I got that done as well, and I cut some for Clue 3 too!!

Clue 2 and part of 3

Now that Clue 2 is finished, I can proceed with Clue # 3 this afternoon.  Do you want a peak ??

4 patches, ready to sew

I am making 4 patches, and I am ready to “stitch” them together.  I have 4 done, and I checked the measurement carefully.  I will stitch in groups of 10, then press, measure and move to the next group.  That way, if I goof up the seam allowance, I won’t have quite so many to un-stitch and re-sew!

Even if you are not “doing the mystery” – go check out the clues.  I learned so many little tips along the way, and Bonnie Hunter has such great “Teachable moments” during the Mystery.  Allietare Mystery Quilt information  .   The pattern is only going to be on the Bonnie Hunter’s blog until the end of January, so if you are interested, save it before it is taken down.  Once the time period is up, she will remove it for later publication in a book or digital pattern.  Also of note, at the top of each clue you will see a Click HERE for Printer Friendly Version!   That will open to a 2 column PDF printable version.  I find that once you have that open as a PDF, you can RIGHT CLICK to save it to your computer.  And remember, no “sharing” of printed or electronic copies. Bonnie would ask you not to do that, but rather share the SOURCE LINK, as I have done in this post.

For the record… table runner still needs to be layered and quilted, my little Blue Bird has been trimmed and the binding is 1/2 done, and my grand kids Christmas bathrobes are on the “back burner” as they are not able to receive their packages until sometime in January.  But I did get the lights up on the fence, and one massive AMAZON order has arrived so I’m not 100% quilt guilty…..I really must make a list………….

Do you feel pressured around the holidays?  For me, it is the darn (bless his heart) train club that takes away 2 prime weekends.  Then this week was a Quilt Guild Luncheon, a visit to a friend with a serious health concern, a scheduled sit & sew day with the guild,  a physical at my primary care, and a separate visit for the dreaded “annual GYN”, and a “day out” to Longwood Gardens in Kennett Square PA with some friends.  ( Longwood Gardens website ) .  The green houses were spectacular and the outside lights were too.  I took a few pictures and you can see them here – MY LONGWOOD GARDENS ALBUM

OK, I can stop feeling like I got nothing done this week….thanks for listening….carry on……   🙂



5 thoughts on “Mystery Quilt Clue 2 is FINISHED!

  1. Wow! You got LOTS done! It’s funny how when you go back and recap, you discover more than you realize. As for being behind everyone else, you aren’t. I have printed the clues and picked up the fabric. That’s it! And now I’m heading to visit my husband for a few weeks. But I’m going to do this. Just not at the same pace as others. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • It does. When I started the post I felt overwhelmed. By the end, not so much. By not starting, you will have the advantage of seeing the challenges others have had. Follow along on the Monday link-ups. They are fun to read.


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