CLUE Completed and Table Runner too

Feeling quite productive for the middle of the week!  All of my little half-square triangles for Clue # 1 of the Quiltville Winter Mystery, 2015! Allietare! are complete, trimmed and assembled into happy little groups of 10.  Last post you may remember I discussed my “need to practice” with the specialty ruler to get the precise block needed.  Along the way reading other posts, I discovered some folks adding 1/2″ to initial size and then trimming off enough to get the “right sized block”.  The “easy angle ruler” and I are still not great friends.  I did put my single needle plate on my machine to eliminate some of the “chewing of fabric” problem I was having.  That helped.  And, for the last 50 I needed to make, I did up the strip size by 1/2″. They were “much easier” to sew.  I did like the “no lines” approach to using this ruler, cutting through 4 layers of fabric at once to get the required triangles, and not having to “worry about a scant” quarter inch.  I had “room to trim” and that was just fine with me.  Clue # 1

Once I had all my HST units trimmed down, I felt free to work on other projects.  I layered up, and had help “pin basting” the project from Pat Sloan’s class last month.  A friend came over and did most of the pinning while I “cleared the table” of my piles of stuff.  Oh gosh the sewing room has gotten out of control.  She had 2 big quilts to pin baste, and my 4 x 8 table comes in handy.

After we worked on her projects for a couple of hours, I decided I would work on finishing the mystery/Quilt – along project I had in progress.  The pattern was from the blog “From My Carolina Home” and was a scrap buster.  My friend recognized her “bird” fabric in the project.  I love when my friends gift me their treasures. I decided to go for the “table runner” and made 5 of the blocks.  I had a terrible time figuring out what to use for the border and finally settled on red with little white stars.

Table Runner

The project is 98% from the scrap storage boxes.  I only pulled some neutrals out of the fat quarter stash and the border from yardage stash. I think the back will be from the same red as the border.   (Don’t tell, but I have “covered that table again” with my stash storage boxes!)  Tomorrow, I will clear the table again and get the table runner layered up for quilting.    Friday a “new clue” comes out from Bonnie Hunter – Clue # 2 of the Quiltville Winter Mystery, 2015! Allietare!


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12 thoughts on “CLUE Completed and Table Runner too

  1. Do you sleep? Just wondering because between blogging, social media, and quilting, I’m thinking you work 24/7 to get all this accomplished. LOL I’m lucky if I get three hours at the sewing machine during the day and then in the evening I try to do the handwork. What you accomplish is impressive, friend.

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    • Sleep yes….Usually I don’t sew at night, but sometimes the hubby is at the train club, and then I stay out in the garage and sew until very late! My blog is neglected lately, down to once or twice a week! I can’t “keep up” with all the blogs I love to follow!

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    • Thanks! Always a risk when you have no idea what the final “clue” will be for the layout. The blocks were all from scraps! So practically a “free project” with things other people were “throwing away”. Mrs Burd gave me the green bird fabric. 🙂


    • Thanks for popping in. I was worried about the green not having enough contrast; but went with what I had in the scrap boxes. I am happy with the outcome. I love sharing your posts with my FB friends! I learn so much from you and like to “share” the beautiful things that you do. 🙂


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