Bluebirds and Christmas Quilt Along

Yesterday the directions for Step 3 of the From My Carolina Home  – Christmas 2015 Quilt Along came out.  You can find Step 3 here:   Christmas Table Topper .

While I “thought” I was ready, I soon discovered I was not.  Turns out, I had pulled the WRONG SIZE pieces of red from my scrap storage.  So, I gathered up those 3″ red squares, and stored them back in the Scrap Storage bins, and searched among the 2.5″ bins for enough “red”.  Then I dug deep into the overflowing baskets under the ironing board and managed to again pull out just what I needed. A little starch, a bit of time with the iron, and off to the cutting mat and onto sewing!  Thanks again to my friend Cindy & Nancy and many others for their scrap contributions!!  Check out these pieces!!Part 1 of Step three  (note – in an effort to “save space” here on WordPress, I am linking some of my photo’s back to FLIKR.  Let me know if this is driving you nuts, or works out ok please!)

Then it was on to Part 2 of Step 3….well…..again, I was not ready.  I guess I just failed to ready the directions fully, and I had to get busy and make more 1/2 square triangle brown and neutral blocks….like 40 more.  So, I got busy and did a little more marking, stitching, cutting, pressing, trimming and sewing and now the Part 2 of Step 3 is complete. Check out those pieces!  Step 3 fabrics from the scrap basket   I’ll tell you what, I hope I do better reading the instructions for Bonnie Hunter’s  Allitare Winter Mystery Quilt 2015 which comes out on Friday morning next week!!!

With this Christmas 2015 Quilt Along, I am to wait until Friday for the assembly instructions, but I did “look ahead” and am contemplating some assembly between now & then, just to move the project along.  While I am contemplating, I am rethinking my “scrappy” decision on the project, but it will be what it is!

While I ponder, I went ahead and got the last of the applique elements ready and fused to my Little Bluebird pattern by Pat Sloan.  I am quite happy with the outcome and anxious to get the red and green thread out to do the final applique stitching on the vines, the berries and the hearts. I love the cottage look it lends and have loved every step in the process.   Already as I look at it, I am thinking ahead to the binding ….and trying to decide how I will do it.  While I get it layered up for quilting, I am going to contemplate what color and what method to use in the binding.    I have a large piece of the “vine fabric” ready to cut on the bias, which will make a nice binding and give a bit of contrast. I also have plenty of the outer border fabric and that wonderful stripe that is the inner border. Oh, the decisions!!!  Never mind the quilting….my brain did a speed up and I skipped right over that process.


My Little Blue Bird

My Little Blue Bird


I have never been a “cheddar” fan, but I really like the way it works in this pattern.  I loved making this, and I am already thinking ahead to that backing we made in class and get on with Ma-Ma’s Flower Garden.  Oh, the fun.  (I say that as I think of the Christmas things I keep sliding to the back burner).

All in all a good Saturday of sewing!  What are you working on?

14 thoughts on “Bluebirds and Christmas Quilt Along

  1. I did not mind clicking to your flickr page and even left a comment. I really like the fabrics you chose, they look marvelous together and am looking forward to seeing your completed table runner. I am in the process of quilting my Scrap Dance Quilt and hope to have it completed by tomorrow. Your applique block is spectacular! Applique is another favorite technique of mine, but it has been quite awhile since I have done anything applique wise. Thank you for sharing and have a wonderful creative day!

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    • Thanks Brenda for taking the time to comment on my Flickr question. Carole (From My Carolina Home) has offered to teach me “another way” to post the photos and I am going to explore that as well. As to the scraps, they are overflowing in the baskets right now, so I love the opportunity to use them. I don’t always make the best “choices” with the pieces, but in the end I am usually happy with the outcome. I like the “free project” that I get out of the scrap baskets etc. I had fun with the applique piece. Pat Sloan was a great instructor, and her patterns are big and graphic and most of all FUN. Again, I made choices for the colors for the applique from the scrap basket, for all but the largest pieces. In this case, I am thrilled with it.


  2. Hi! I usually read your blog on my mobile device so to be honest I did not click through to see the photos until I got here to my desktop to comment. It looks like a good balance between wordpressand Flicker though– A lovely shot here of a GORGEOUS finished product, for us casual readers, with links to some other “process” details for the hard-core quilters.

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      • I modified the post just now (8:15 am) and “embedded” the link to FLICKR. How does it look on your mobile device?
        I do appreciate the comment for the “casual” reader and the “hard core” quilter. I am thinking about how I want to proceed in the future. My limit of space on this platform has me considering all the possibilities. I finally figured out how to reduce the size of the photo for faster loading here on WordPress, but have to educate myself now on FLICKR now. Look at the monster you created when you said to me “You should blog”…giggle.


  3. I used to feel the same way about the cheddar color, but when I was looking for the perfect inner border for the Modern Double Wedding Ring I did, a dark cheddar was just the perfect touch needed to frame the mostly Asian fabrics I used. That’s what I love about the process of choosing fabric: The quilt will usually tell me what it needs, just takes on a life of its own. Your table topper is really lovely.


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