My little Blue Bird

Well, I promised photos and update on my workshop with Pat Sloan. I failed to take many photos during the class, but I would like to share with you my project from Tuesday.

The class on Tuesday, taught by Pat Sloan,  was Easy Machine Applique with the Blanket Stitch and it was definitely heavy on the technique. Pat covered everything from brands of fusibles, using full vs cutaway, types of blanket stitches, prepping the design for applique, types of threads, and maneuvering our stitches around curves, points, 90 degree angles, and circles. We did lots of practice stitching on sampler pieces that I posted photo’s of earlier.

Quilters by the Sea Guild of Ocean Pines Maryland hosted the class and I was happy to get a spot.  What a great facility they have available to use!  We each had an 8 foot table and they lunch was included in the fee we paid for the class.  I would definitely take the opportunity to visit them again for a class.  There were 4 members of Ocean Waves Quilt Guild, Lewes DE at the classs.

Now, with my background up on the design wall and some of the shapes for the “My Little Blue Bird” pattern drawn out, I was inspired last evening to get more done!  I was motivated to continue getting the shapes drawn out on the Heat n Bond Lite, and onto the fabrics!  The pattern and design is by Pat Sloan, and is called Little Blue Bird.  Go and check out all the amazing things you can find on Pat’s website  . Follower her blog, enjoy her patterns, radio pod-casts, facebook page etc.  (The groupie in me is showing….but really….check her website)

My background prepared and some of the designs ready to fuse to the fabric

My background prepared and some of the designs ready to fuse to the fabric

The process worked well for me.  I did the pattern tracing on to the heat n bond while we watched the debates, and did some preliminary cutting out of the shapes last evening.  This morning after breakfast, while the news folks analyzed the debates, I sat and did more cutting.  Then this afternoon I selected my fabrics for the applique.  Only 2 pieces came out of the stash. The rest from the scrap bag that my friends have been so kind to provide.  Every thing in the basic pattern is fused on, and now it is time to start the blanket stitching.

Center panel fused

Center panel fused

Blue bird! Up Close!

Blue bird!

Thought a close up of that cute little blue bird was in order!  I tried to use tonal fabrics or batiks as the background of the panel was a bit busy with print.  The green is a tone on tone, and so is the big red berry.  The little red berries have a print as does the flower.  It has a gold print over it, and so do the feet of the little blue bird.

I think I will do one more “practice round” before I begin on the project.  The pattern calls for 2 more borders and a finish size of 40×40.  Pat Sloan recommended we do our center section stitching before we add those borders so we have “less” bulk under the arm of the machine.  Let me tell you, that those kind of tips were happening all day in her class!!

I have to be honest, I thought that I would find the task of tracing, cutting, trimming, cutting etc tedious, but in fact, it was VERY relaxing.  I enjoy listening to an audio book  from the library while I sew, and today it is the fiery book INVISIBLE, by James Patterson.  My list of books that I have enjoyed listening to while I stitch is on the Goodreads list on my sidebar.

I will share some links with photos from Monday on my next post! Time to sew.

6 thoughts on “My little Blue Bird

    • Thanks for taking time to comment. In all honesty, it is the first one I had time to watch. It will be an interesting election cycle for certain. I would much rather sew an ignore the whole business of politics!


    • I took my big Janome 8900 to this class. It is extremely heavy to take, but it was worth it. One tip from Pat Sloan on her class instruction sheet was to bring a machine that had a KNEE LIFT for the pressure foot. Some of the higher end machines have a “hover” lift for the pressure foot. We used a basic blanket stitch. My machine has multiple choices of blanket stitch, but she recommended the ” 1 stitch down, 1 stitch in/out, 1 stitch down”. I recommend her book Teach me to applique”. Pat Sloan’s book If you order from her directly, she will sign it. I will write more in my next post about her methods.

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