The signs of Autumn

Hard to believe that we are well into Autumn with temperatures approaching 80 degrees today in Delaware. I am NOT complaining about the comfortable weather. I love it, and don’t look forward to the wet damp cold that will come as we get closer to Christmas.  Every morning for the last 2 weeks I have gotten up to a sight out the window that takes my breath away

Peaking out the window

Peaking out the window

And then I walk out for the mail and see this-


Pinks greens orange and reds

Pinks greens orange and reds

Honestly, sometimes I think that tree glows-

Sugar Maple

Sugar Maple

Wednesday morning it looked like it was snowing leaves.  I just love the colors against the backdrop of the green grass.


and after a day and a half of wind and rain, the beauty is nearly gone, and the tree is almost bare- makes me a little sad.


The grass and driveway are hidden beneath a layer of wet leaves, the sky is grey, but there are still a few bits of color left on this tree to brighten a dreary day.  Mulching and raking will have to wait for another few days, but a bit of work out in the yard will have to happen soon.

When I sit in my quilting room over the garage, I will be able to soon see through the tree tops as I sew.

Sewing in the tree tops

Sewing in the tree tops

This week I managed to get my six pillow covers in the mail. Yes, I had to make a replacement for the one the silver marking pencil would not come out of.   I can see the marks, but my husband said I would have to “point them out” for anyone else to notice. So, I have a Christmas pillow cover for my use.  (Details on this pillow pattern on my post here:  3 days of fun )

Six pillow covers ready to mail

Six pillow covers in the mail!

Thanks for the great tutorial and pattern Melissa –Polka Dot Chair blog  !  I made mine as “envelopes” rather than add zippers.

It’s “Quilt Guild Week” the first week of the month, and this is usually a much busier week for me with the meeting, the class and the board meeting. I didn’t take the class this week so I had extra time to work on a project for my hubby’s model railroad club.  I made 18 pillowcases to sell during their annual open house coming up. I made several pairs, and also some “one of a kind” with that wonderful train fabric I picked up at Burkholder’s Fabric in Denver PA.  I have them all “bagged and ready” to sell.  Still have fabric left to use, but want to see how these go.  Our local quilt shop sells “kits” for you to sew for $12.50.  I think I priced them fairly and will keep my fingers crossed that they sell quickly.   For information about the DelMarVa Model Railroad Club (Delmar DE) annual open house check out their website: DMRR Club . If you love trains, put us on your calendar!

Trains standard pillowcases.jpg

Trains trains trains

Trains trains trains

Today and tomorrow I take a “card crafting class” at the Georgetown Library. I have gathered all those unused paper crafting supplies I have acquired and am ready to cut and glue.  I bought the “special scissors” that were the only supplies I was to bring, and then got word last night I should bring lots more stuff.  Good thing I had some supplies!

Sunday is “Senior Quilts” workshop at church, and we will be putting kits together for distribution to our quilters in January.  I still have a bolt of muslin to get cut into 8.5″ squares.  We use the muslin for signature blocks and each quilt gets 40 muslin squares.  (I may have to add those “later” in the month).

Next week I am excited to be attending a 2 day workshop with PAT SLOAN !!!  I have to gather the supplies for that class on Sunday afternoon and get the car “loaded up”.  Will take lots of photo’s during that class!  It is a “road trip” too, going South to Maryland for the workshop.

I’ve been pulling fabric for the Bonnie Hunter Mystery Quilt – Allietare Mystery Quilt 2015, but haven’t gotten them “all together yet”.

So, the blog has come down to a once in a while thing as I stay busy.  I’m ever thankful for having the opportunity to enjoy my retirement!

What are you working on today?

6 thoughts on “The signs of Autumn

    • I pulled fabric last night for my Pat Sloan class Monday, and will probably pull more this afternoon. I will have to clean the table in the sewing room when I am finished from causing all the chaos. I have 3 pieces of flannel washed and ready to cut out for the grandkids robes…..later in the week I hope. My husband hates the yard work, and is praying for the wind to blow the leaves about & dry them off. He will break out the mulching mower and run in 3 or 4 times through the yard and chop those leaves up. I tend to leave them in my flower bed until spring to give it a “blanket” of sorts.

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  1. I signed up to follow your post by email! Thank you for commenting on my blog, I really appreciate it. I have my Scrap Dance quilt on the table and am currently getting it quilted. I will definitely be making the table runner from Carole also. I will be picking out my fabrics later on today. Fall colors are breathtaking and I truly enjoyed all of your pictures. You are a very busy person, I look forward to reading more of your posts and seeing all of your projects. I forgot to say that your pillowcases are beautiful. Have a wonderful creative day!

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  2. My list of projects seems so short when compared to all of the things you do. I’m currently working on blocks from The Farmer’s Wife 1930s book and hope to get them all together in lap quilts for my two daughters for Christmas.

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    • Wow, I am impressed with anybody who tackles the Farmers wife blocks. I think it must really challenge your skills and stretch you into new areas when you work on such a variety of blocks. I hope you take some pictures and share them after the quilts are given! I would love to see what fabrics you chose.


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