Another Mystery Quilt

Oh how I love to follow Bonnie Hunter and her annual Mystery Quilts!  She does mystery as a thank you to her followers!

Exciting day today as she has released the yardage requirements and colors on her blog!  Go check out Allietare 2015 on Bonnie’s blog!  Click the link or the button on my blog to go directly to Bonnie Hunter’s page.

If you are planning on making the quilt or following along, a reminder she posted on the bottom of the introduction was the directions will be removed from her blog on February 1st, 2016.

So, save those “printer friendly copies”. Print them out, put them in your notebook, and NO making copies for others etc. Refer your friends to her blog, but please respect Bonnie’s wishes as indicated in her post.

I will be sharing photo’s of my fabric selections, but no specifics, such as piece count or yardage.

Allietare – in Italian it means to gladden or become cheerful or rejoice!  I am rejoicing this morning in the beautiful colors of Italy that Bonnie chose.

Go take a look at the post on Bonnie’s blog and see what the cheerfulness is all about~!~

reminder – Bonnie Hunter’s blog is QUILTVILLE .  Use the button on the right side of my blog to get there or the link above in the post to take you right to the Allietare 2015 Winter Mystery Quilt introduction.

6 thoughts on “Another Mystery Quilt

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