3rd and final day

Here is the “wrap” on the third and final day of our “sit & sew camp”.  What a great group of quilters from Ocean Waves Quilt Guild.  Thank you again goes out to the Sea Bees Quilt Bee for including  my bee, The Material Girls.  This was my third or fourth time to attend, and I would not miss it! We already have dates on the calendar for next spring!

I managed to get all 6 of my 18″ stars made & sashed, and 2 quilted and completed into pillow tops.  I also got a couple of “train” pillow cases made.

Barbara took the challenge that Mary R. gave her and worked on a charity baby quilt, using Mary R’s method of webbing and cutting into a Boston Commons pattern.  Her steps for the cutting are shown below:

My quilting friends seemed to be busy the whole day and show and tell at the end of the day was  a bunch of fun too.

What a change today, with no lunch prepared and served at exactly noon!  Had to “do for myself today” !  I did manage to get my gear put away from the 3 days of fun, and start working on my projects that were incomplete.  I have 4 pillows completely finished, and that includes the 2 hours of picking out the quilting stitches on one.

I had decided to make using a template for quilting and it looked “ROUGH”.  I was trying to quilt hearts and my stitches were jerky at best.   I decided every stitch had to come out.   Then I could not get the silver pencil markings off the fabric. This was a Connor Quilt marking pencil. I tried a standard eraser, also spritzing and blotting. Finally, after the STAR  was re-quilted and built into a pillow top, and finished, I took it to the laundry room for a spritz of stain remover and a super gentle machine wash with oxy clean and a tiny bit of laundry soap. Still shows…so it will have to be redone.  Trials and troubles of the novice quilter!  If you happen to know how to get the silver markings off, let me know.  Meanwhile, I left it to air dry, and will see how bad it looks tomorrow.  Bad quilting removed and redone and that part looks fine, it is just the darn silver pencil.    Oh, the lessons I learned today.  So, 3 more to go, and then I will have 6 good star pillows!

Hope your stitching today wasn’t as frustrating as mine!


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