2nd day of FUN!

Another busy productive day!  Now, I will freely admit, I arrived 1/2 hour later than expected, because I was writing a blog post…..  I did get quite a bit done, but not as much as I had anticipated.  I have the outer borders on my stars (mostly), two pin basted and ready to quilt, and 4 with all but the last piece of border attached.  Took way longer than it should have. Must be all those breaks I took to socialize. Oh well, that is the fun of being in a place with nearly 20 other friends from the guild.  Honestly, I had the most fun wandering around to see what others were making and to admire the fabrics being using in their projects.

But look at what these women have accomplished-  TUFFET building for many of the ladies. There were power tools beyond a sewing machine in the creation of these beautiful tuffets.

Not everyone made Tuffets.  Some of use were making quilt blocks, others placemats, quilts were being sashed and there was even a cat in the mix.  The kitty cat was from a Ginny Beyer pattern found here: Cat pattern

Kathy’s frog are a Southwinds Designs pattern  by Annette Ornelas available here: Feeling Froggy pattern

Another busy day!! I get to think about how I want to quilt my star pillows today!


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