Still buried in scraps

A bit of an update on my “Scrap Happy Little Wishes star project” (Scrap Happy Stars ) –   20 blocks completeall out of the scrap basket and the scrap storage system.  I have been pressing scraps and cutting into usable sizes (2.5″, 3.5″ and 4″) for the Scrap Happy Little Wishes challenge blocks.  When I get a good amount cut, I stop and do some sewing.

The basket is still overflowing.  If a piece of scrap won’t work in these sizes, it may get sorted into the “string box”, cut to a 1.5″ or 2″ strip, or into the “chunks” box.  I have some really  odd pieces hanging around.  And, I even put some odd pieces into the “hexi” box.  I don’t feel like I have made much of a dent, but it has been fun playing around.  Toughest to get 4″ squares light and dark for the HST star points in these blocks out of the scrap box.  Not enough contrast for the points always to show well when going totally scrappy.  I have about 15 more 9 patches made, just waiting for me to create more star points.  And of course, making the HST is the time consuming part.  Each block has 8 HST, and my objective was to make the all the same in a given block, but that plan  went out the window quickly.

I think I will lay these blocks out with black sashing, so the bright colors sparkle, and the black gives your eye a place to rest.  I am not sure how wide I want to go. The cornerstones on these blocks are 3.5″, so I am thinking going 1.5″.  I tried white sashing and it didn’t excite me.  I had just over 3/4 of a yard of a nice black that I pinned up on the wall to test the idea.  I like it.   I also like the blocks where there is greater contrast between the star points and the other colors.  I may have to “dump out” the entire basket and “dig for pieces” that will give me that contrast.  I do believe the basket is growing in volume, not reducing.

Tomorrow is my “last day” for cleaning up scraps, because the whole quilt room needs to be cleaned up.  So, I will focus on getting things cut, and will hold out the sizes I need to continue this project.  A shopping trip for black fabric for sashing will be one of my objectives later this month.

What are you working on?  Controlled chaos?  Have a great holiday weekend.

7 thoughts on “Still buried in scraps

  1. I really like the one with the black sashing. You can still see the secondary pattern…at least I can. Actually, I think you can see it better with the sashing than without because it gives just enough separation between the light pieces. Since those light pieces don’t match exactly, I vote for the black sashing and in whatever size you have on your wall. I’m also knee deep in my multiple scrap bins. I have a total of 11 bins, each with a general color designation, number 11 designated as “oddball” 🙂 most of them are brimming over with scraps. I’ve actually recently been throwing out anything smaller than 2″ in width. Just too much stuff to deal with. The quilt that I posted about is also all made from scraps and stuff from my fat quarter drawers since I need two 5 1/2 inch squares, four 3 1/2 inch squares, and two 3 inch square from each fabric, so small scraps don’t work well. I had to nix one of my favorite fabrics because I was short one 3 1/2 inch piece. Waaaaaa!

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    • I can’t wait to see your project “up on the design wall” ~!~ Someone else suggested grey, but I think it would have to be charcoal grey. I am thinking about 2″ wide, finish at 1.5…just enough to “float the blocks” with the sashing. 🙂


    • Oh sounds like you are a bit frustrated. The seam ripper and I are not always friends. I keep 3 different ones handy for my use. I have ripped out star points because they were “inverted”. I had my eye on a beautiful seam ripper at our quilt show, but couldn’t spend the $35 for the wonderful turned wood handled device. I knew I would end up hating it, like all the others I own. Hope your project is a bit fun!

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