Greeting September with scraps

Hard to believe it has been a month since I have had a blog post! September is here and August is long gone, but full of fun family memories.  I spent 2 weeks with the grandkids and their family, sightseeing and playing, and celebrating a birthday.

When I got home I set to work immediately on assembling a quilt for the outgoing president of our guild.  I will show you pictures in a couple of weeks once it is presented.  More details when I share the photos. It was fun to work on and took me about 4 days to get my part done.  After that I took about 4 days to work (gasp) in the garden.  The weeds were as tall as me, the weather was decent 80-85 degrees and LOW humidity, so I tackled the job.  Poor garden had not been touched since May.  (Hey, don’t judge, I was busy sewing)  .  The hosta’s have bloomed, the lirope is blooming, and the sedum is in bloom.  The bugs are in the garden too.  Boy did I disturb the bugs who were just having a field day under the leaves!

After all that gardening, the call to the sewing room was loud!  I decided I better get busy and “catch up” with the July & August blocks for the Carolina Home Scrap Dance Mystery quilt.  That took me about an hour and they are done!  Sept is the last month where we get the setting for all our parts.  I will post some pictures later this weekend. (I forgot to take any during the last 2 steps.)  There is a button on the sidebar of the blog if you are interested in joining in.  Not too late to join in.

Once I finished with those blocks, I was looking at the leftovers in the basket, trying to decide if I should make “more blocks” and do a bigger quilt, or  move on.  I decided to move on and tackle a scrap challenge that Pat Sloan published on her blog – Scrap Happy Little Wishes challenge .  I was excited to make a stack of 9 patches out of 2.5″ squares (I have LOTS of them in my scrap storage system and lots left over from the Caroline Home Scrap Dance Mystery).  That part went quickly.  Then I dug into the basket of scraps that lives on the back of my cutting table.  The basket my friends contribute to was getting beyond full.  Here are the results thus far, and only a dent made in the scrap basket!  This was from 2 days of sewing, and as most know, the half square triangles that make the star points are the time consuming part, especially when working with scraps.

I am determined to make more blocks, and even more determined to tackle that scrap basket, which is now “over turned” on my ironing table.  I was digging for neutrals that would work well for background of the star points.   I think this afternoon, I will do some sorting, pressing and cutting into appropriate sizes.  Anything that is the size of a “fat 8th” won’t get cut smaller, but stored in the large pieces box. It always amazes me what people “get rid of”, and I have several large batik pieces that were gifted in the last scrap bag from a friend.  Not quite fat quarters, but darn close!!  If you want to know more about “scrap storage”, I wrote a couple of blog posts last year about how I “store” and which systems I follow.  Check out these posts – Scrap Storage and using up the scraps  and here A Different Storage System .  My systems are a combination of what Bonnie Hunter – uses, and some others that I have mentioned in those posts.

I am looking forward to the October speaker, Joan Ford, at Ocean Waves Quilt Guild meeting.  She is a “scrappy” person and her blog and website are interesting.  She has several books out, one titled Cut the Scraps.   Check out her blog – Scrap therapy blog  .

Gosh, I have so many pictures and things to share, but it will have to wait for another day!  Tomorrow, I will post some photos of my trip to the DAR Museum in Washington DC and the “Eye on Elegance” display of quilts.

Happy sewing!!

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