More sewing for granddaughter

This week is for the “Stitching Grandma” to do things for the grand daughter.  I am looking forward to being with my grandchildren for 2 weeks and celebrating a birthday party. Oh, to be 5 again!!!  My middle grandchild has outgrown her favorite nightgown, so I have made two new ones to take along in my suitcase.    I found an EASY pattern and would recommend it to anyone who is “not” a garment sewer!  (Quilts I get, garments and patterns I struggle with!)

EASY pattern

EASY pattern

I made 2 with short sleeves; and think I will do one more with long sleeves. Once I determine this is something they like, I have some beautiful flannel that will make a nice winter nightgown.  The first fabric I chose was Strawberry Shortcake.  I remember my daughters playing with those little figures for hours and hours as children.  In fact, there were Strawberry Shortcake curtains in their bedroom, along with a matching bedspread.  I think I gave those curtains away to a neighbor with a little girl when my girls were teenagers!  (I wonder if they even remember!!  🙂  )   So, I indulged my fond memories when I picked this fabric for my granddaughter.

Strawberry Shortcake!

Strawberry Shortcake!

The next  fabric reminds me of Jelly Beans.  I bought it around Easter, so maybe that is why!  Pattern and both fabrics came from Wal-Mart.  I pre-washed to check for color bleeds and shrinkage…..and boy do I have a story about that!!!  I had bought some turquoise HELLO KITTY print when I bought the jelly bean and strawberry shortcake.  Silly me, I threw all 3 pieces of fabric in together to wash, with a color catcher.  The turquoise bled, and bled and bled.  I had to rewash the Strawberry Shortcake and Jelly bean with a color catcher and got the turquoise out of them.  Then I washed the turquoise at least 6 times, color catchers; vinegar, etc.  It just continued to bleed.  I have NEVER returned fabric before, but that 2 yard cut I took back to Wal-Mart with the 12 color catchers in varying shades of turquoise….and they gave me my money back.  So, no Hello Kitty for my Granddaughter, sorry to say!  Lesson: ALWAYS pre wash!  (I used to only do that for cottons & flannel for garments…now I prewash everything for quilting!)

Jelly beans

Jelly beans

I made a couple of other things…..a pink satin mattress for the doll cradle; and a doll quilt. Now I just need to get busy and sand and stain the doll cradle.  I think I will work on that today!   A dear friend of ours made the cradle for the grandchildren.  He is 85 and still has such great craftsmenship.   I must pack it up and ship it before the trip. A bit big for the luggage!!

Satin mattress and quilt

Satin mattress and quilt

The quilt was made using those “mis-fit” pieces from the Grand Illusion Mystery quilt!! I had fun playing with it. I found enough fabric left to match the quilt back my granddaughter will be getting!   I did “matchstick” quilting in varying widths on it.  I also bound it using my leftover binding from other projects; using my favorite technique “Susie’s Magic Binding”  (tutorial link:    ) from 52 Quilts in 52Weeks blog.  If you zoom in on the mini-quilt, you will see it is also scrappy…had to join to similar leftover bits of binding to go around this mini.

I had a little more sewing time yesterday, so I made a pillow case to go with the  big quilt.  You might remember that quilt I wrote about here –       No, it isn’t finished…It needs binding and a label and that is on my list…….before my trip!   (Wonder if I should make a doll matching pillow case???)

Anyway; so much fun, and some other projects still on my list before my trip 1 week from today!

Pillow case to match my granddaughters Grand Illusion Mystery Quilt

Pillow case to match my granddaughters Grand Illusion Mystery Quilt

Sewing time….what are you working on today???


8 thoughts on “More sewing for granddaughter

  1. The nightgowns are just darling. It’s so my fun to sew for the grandchildren.

    I’m ready to put the binding on a small quilt I made for my younger daughter. I want to have it ready for Mother’s Day.

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