QOV Top finished and embroidery machine fights

I have finished my QOV top.  I worked on it yesterday and today.  I had taken a little break over the weekend and played with my embroidery machine.  I did a little stitching on some wonderful cotton dish towels. The first 2 designs drove me batty. Broken needles, jammed threads etc.  The last 3…easy as pie.  I think the first two were so thread heavy; that my little machine went on strike.  The very last one…the blue chicken looking creature was a pain in my neck too.  Note to self….stick to the lower stitch counts.  All in all I am pleased.  Have 4 gifts “in the bag” for future gifting.

On Tuesday afternoon I decided to get busy and finish the QOV.  I had about 6 sections to connect and then it was time for borders.  I deviated a bit from the original pattern by putting on a piano key border and adding Ohio Stars for cornerstones.  Bonnie Hunter, the pattern designer used a neutral center block in the stars, and I used gold.  I also added gold sashing where she had white in the pattern.  I just like to give my own “spin” on things.  Truth be told, I didn’t have enough yardage left to make a solid border in just one color, so the piano keys were born.   Did I mention that I “over did it” when I was making those “rail blocks”.  Miss read the instructions and made 70 instead of 40.  So; I just added another strip of neutral and the piano keys went together very quickly! Of course, I had to build 4 more of those star blocks with those fun star points. But, by this time I have turned into a bit of an expert!

QOV top complete

QOV top complete

Finished top is 69″ x 69″.

For the backing, I decided I would USE what I have for the back of the quilt!  Before I started making the backing; I made my binding!! (Sorry, no picture until it goes on the quilt…you have seen it before!)    I used the same blue as in the stars, and did “Susies Magic Binding” with a gold flange.  Once that was done,  I made a scrappy pieced backing; starting with the larger pieces of left over fabric and working in the strips and leftover bits and pieces.

Now all that is left to do is get it layered up and ready to quilt.  (Oh and fill out the entry forms for the Ocean Waves Quilt Guild show…and make a label….and a presentation case……yikes).

Time to call it a night…..I will be dreaming of stars tonight.

note: Pattern – Ohio Stars and Rails by Bonnie Hunter – Quiltville.com (with minor modification)

Quilt show – Ocean Waves Quilt Guild, Lewes DE; July 17 & 18  – details here – http://www.oceanwavesquiltguild.org/qs15.html


8 thoughts on “QOV Top finished and embroidery machine fights

    • A lot of times I do a pieced back with 2 colors so I can achieve the width I need. These fabrics were all purchased for the project and I really didn’t want to spend another $30-40 on backing fabric. I only have very few small pieces left after I made this kind of wild back.

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    • I do hope you find time to go to that quilt show! They always inspire me. Thanks for your comments. Yesterday I started at 1 pm in the sewing room and finished at 10:30. Was so “productive” I forgot to eat dinner! I have a couple of deadlines to meet!

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    • Thanks! Bill is not certain on the piano key border, but it is growing on me. Saved me a trip to the fabric store and makes me focus on USING what I have …I figured I already spent $130 on fabric for this quilt so using it up was critical!

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