Palm Sunday Message 2015

Beautiful message about Palm Sunday and the coming Holy week.


Message for Sunday, March 29, 2015. Scriptures used were Mark 11:1-11 andIsaiah 50:4-9a. The title was “Enter the King??”

I have a few questions for you that you don’t really have to answer, you can if you want, but mainly I want you to think about these things. Have you ever been at a funeral or the family service before a funeral and seen members of the family laughing, and you wondered what was going on? What about being at a big celebration like a family reunion, a wedding or a birthday and seen people crying? I do some of the most crying at so called “happy” events. I probably cry more at sporting events, or major “once in-a-life-time” things than during what should be really sad times.

I thought the term for that was Pathos, but when I looked it up, I saw that the meaning is about arousing…

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