Stars -19 down; 21 to go

I am nearly half-way done with my star blocks for the Ohio Star and Rails quilt I am working on.  I spent the better part of the day (noon-7 pm) working on the blocks.  I thought I was really pushing them out, but gosh, they are SLOW.

It is those star points that take SO much time.

half square and quarter square triangle blocks

half square and quarter square triangle blocks

The blocks are a process. First a 3 1/2″ block; then they get marked and stitched for a half-square triangle, then cut and pressed open. Then layer an opposing one on top, and mark and stitch again, cut and press open. Then back to the cutting board to trim them to the perfect 2.5″ block. Every star block gets 4 of them. So, if I have 21 star blocks to make; I need to have 84 more ! I CAN do this!! Putting the block together is simple once the star points are built!

Trimmed and ready to sew

Trimmed and ready to sew

So, the shape of the quilt is coming along. I just have to get it up on the wall to look at and remind me that I am getting close. Glad I made all those rail blocks last week.

Sampling of the layout.

Sampling of the layout.

I know, there are a couple of rails turned in the “wrong direction” but they aren’t in the “final setting” yet.

note: Pattern designed by Bonnie Hunter – Ohio Star and Rails. Source:
My project is for Quilts of Valor challenge, Ocean Waves Quilt Guild Show; Lewes Delaware on July 17 & 18, 2015
– Check it out:

More tomorrow! Have fun with your projects.


5 thoughts on “Stars -19 down; 21 to go

    • Thank you Judy. I do enjoy seeing them come together and putting the fabric choices to work. My husband likes this one too. He and I talked about that little boy’s quilt last night at dinner. I grew very attached to that quilt as I made it for the little boy. I still hope that some day, he will know there were a lot of people who cared. I guess each quilt has a story to go with it. I am praying that who ever receives this QOV will be comforted by it, and know how proud 1 person is of their service.

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