Another Barn Quilt Adventure

I had a great time, attending another class with Suzi Parron!  Earlier this month I took a class with Ocean Waves Quilt Guild ( ) and I could not pass the opportunity by to take another.  Suzi was teaching this time for Delmarvalous Quilt Guild and they had space left in the class. It was fun to go with 3 other members of my quilt “bee” – the Material Girls!

My hubby is a car guy, and wanted me to do a Chrysler Pedistar symbol, but I did not have a chance to draw it out ahead of time in quadrants that I could then “paint”.imagesMy brain just would not “work” and get this from paper to the 24″ square piece of wood.  I tried….really….thank goodness Suzi had a BIG eraser!!

So, I settled for a quilt design I could draw out.  Since I am currently working on a Quilts of Valor “Bonnie Hunter Quilt – Ohio Star and Rails pattern”, I decided that would be my block.  I was going to actually do the “barn quilt” in the same color as my quilt. ( )

But, when I got up to the table to pick out my paints, I saw she had a couple of containers of an interesting teal……and so this is the result:

Ohio Star - Colors that match our home

Ohio Star – Colors that match our home

Still need a little “trim work”; but paint was so wet and it was so humid, I thought it best to leave it rest a day in the garage to dry and then I will go back to work on it.  Hubby thinks a little “pin striping tape” would really set the blocks….and then I would not have to do much more taping and painting.  (The red needs another coat or 2.

My friend Audrey did this one:

Audrey's block

Audrey’s block

My friend Francie is working on this one:

Francie's block

Francie’s block

I can’t wait to see what she does with the other colors!! Update. … Francie just finished….awesome

Here is Cindy’s block –  wpid-img_7028.jpg
She has a bit more work to do on hers too.

It was a long day, lots of standing etc while you tape your areas etc; and there was an issue with the power in the room that kept us from using two or more hair dryer’s. So, getting completely finished was a challenge for some.  It was overall another good class by Suzi Parron.  Do go back and check out the links in the post ( about Suzi and her book.

So, no sewing; just paint and pencils and rulers and tape!  Fun and not one seam ripped!


7 thoughts on “Another Barn Quilt Adventure

    • somehow Judy I lost the original response. Pin striping tape like a car guy would put on his automobile, down the side. It is a tape you get at the “auto parts store”, you peel it and apply it, burnish it to stick well. I think he said something about spraying a clear coat on afterward to ensure it doesn’t “lift off”. The other idea from the instructor was to take a black sharpie and outline the blocks. The concept is similar to the veining in stained glass projects with solder. Or, lastly, tape the blocks and use black paint to apply the veining. Now, about that real estate…we are a lovely community of quilters and there are some great homes for sale….but you might miss all your SNOW….Come for a visit and stay for retirement! That is usually what happens.

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  1. Mary, I so enjoyed seeing you again. We had a great class yesterday! Love the pinstripe idea–I look forward to seeing the original. Audrey did such a great job with the sponged texture. And I love the way Francie’s turned out with those fruity colors!

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