Felt food for a two year old

I wrote this post 2 years ago, but today I tripped over a “new to me” blogger who has done some fantastic tutorials. Link at the bottom of the story “Felt food for a two year old”. Enjoy!

Stitching Grandma

Felt food for a two year old was a whole lot of fun!!

My little grandaughter was getting a play kitchen for Christmas. Her mommy thought “felt food” would be a good sewing activity for Grandma! So; I did lots of “googling” of “felt food” and found lot of creative ideas! I don’t do anything “original”, so I can not take any of the credit for the great ideas! All credit goes to the individual bloggers who posted their cute felt food items.

Once I started exploring other blogs / pinterest, etc, I started to create my own food. I discovered a few things about working with felt. #1 – it is flimsy; so you need to “stiffen” it up. I used a double sided fusable pellon between two layers of felt. That helped. #2 – I used lots of scraps to stuff my strawberries, pancakes, bananas; bread, orange, carrot…

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