How I celebrated my birthday

Check out the ONEBLOCKWONDERWOMAN – she has a great video embeded on her blog on how to “Chain Piece” the one-block-wonder and avoid mixing up your pieces. She has made about 15 of this style quilt and is very efficient in her method.


Well, it all relates to quilting of course! I recently joined a group of fellow One Block Wonder fanatics on Facebook. Not being terribly tech saavy, I decided to post some still shots and a description of how I am able to quickly chain piece the hundreds of triangles needed in a OBW without getting any of the pieces scrambled. Of course a picture is worth a thousand words, and my instructions were unclear to many of the quilters, so they requested I do a video. So first thing this morning, I asked my incredible hubby to film my technique. This meant he had to put off leaving for his fishing trip to a local lake (he’s as obsessed with fishing as I am with quilting) for about ten or fifteen minutes, but he did it. Much to my horror, I realized at the very end that he had focused…

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2 thoughts on “How I celebrated my birthday

    • Thanks Judy — this was a repost from my sister-in-law’s blog “One Block Wonderwoman”. It was her birthday, and I think she celebrated in a fine way. That wonderful hubby she refers to is my big brother. He really does like to make her happy! 🙂


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