Cold/Snow/Cold/QUILT !

6 " of snow

6 ” of snow

What should we do when the weather turns so bitter cold that going out is just NOT worth the effort? We quilters seem to get real busy at our sewing machines.

Since this past Sunday, our temperatures have just been bitter! So cold in fact that going to church was just out of the question with icy roads. Let me tell you I even skipped an opportunity to sew with friends on Sunday afternoon! And with 6 inches of snow on Monday night into Tuesday the cancellations of activities started. Church council meetings; Quilt bee etc.

So with the crummy weather, why not just go sew. Well I have to trudge through that to get to my sewing room! You see, it is up there, above the garage….

Woman shovels to gain access to the sewing room!

Woman shovels to gain access to the sewing room!

Once my hubby and I got the 6 inches of snow removed (one shovel load at a time) from the driveway, and cleared our way to the road we were too exhausted to go out anywhere. And honestly; why risk it when you really don’t HAVE to? I needed a nap!! But once refreshed, I got busy for a few hours in the garage sewing room.

I played with my embroidery machine a bit and hand stitched a label on the back of my log cabin quilt!

Label embroidery on PE500 Brother machine (4x4 hoop)

Label embroidery on PE500 Brother machine (4×4 hoop)

I played with my Brother Scan N Cut

And I got productive again with my last 13 blocks from the Bonnie Hunter Grand Illusion Mystery Quilt.  I finished getting them put together.  They all needed squaring up and sashing.  I am 3/4 of the way through with the sashing now. 6 are completely sashed and 7 need just the last row of sashing put on.  I decided to go with YELLOW sashing as it is my youngest granddaughters “favorite” color this week.

six blocks sashed

Grand Illusion # 2 (modified)

I think I will use more of the yellow when I add the green checkerboard paths in and make the cornerstones yellow as well.  Glad I bought extra yellow when I was purchasing fabric for the mystery quilt. I thought I was going to bind the mystery quilt with yellow, but I haven’t decided yet what I will do.  Anyway; I am designing as I go and inspiration will strike at some point. Meanwhile this will make  GI#2 a bit different from the one pictured below,  I did in January.  Of course, it is still in need of quilting but lacking a plan. I’m sure inspiration will strike me soon. (GOAL is MAY for a finish on GI # 1)

Grand Illusion by Mary # 1 modified pattern Twin sized

Grand Illusion by Mary # 1 modified pattern Twin sized

Two more days of COLD – Bitter – COLD weather; so more sewing is going to be happening as soon as I don my boots and coat and trudge out to the garage. Stay warm!

11 thoughts on “Cold/Snow/Cold/QUILT !

  1. We’ve been having almost identical weather in southwest Ohio and I’ve been allowing myself to sew for much longer periods than usual because that’s all I feel like doing when it’s like this. Luckily, I don’t have to go through snow to get to my sewing room but it looks like you have a very nice one once you get to it. Love your projects.

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  2. Hello there
    Popped in from Judy’s blog and all I can say is I’m glad I live where I do – I promise I will never complain about the heat again lol
    I’m exhausted just thinking about your day! Congrats on all the sewing and quilting you have been up to
    Take care

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