Purple Log cabin complete

I finished quilting and binding my twin sized purple log cabin this week.

The quilting you have seen in other posts….I got the crazy idea to use pretty stitches built in my machine for quilting and go “around the logs”.  I worked for 2 days in October and for 2 days in February to get all those logs quilted.

After our retreat in February, all that was left to do is the border  quilting.  I had a plan to use my new Brother ScanNCut machine to help me with those borders. (Thanks daughters and family for the really crafty Christmas gift!).  So; I decided to cut out some flower shapes (design included on the machine data) and cut them on freezer paper. I pressed the freezer paper flowers onto my quilt and intended to outline around the flower shapes and free motion quilt between the flowers.  It looked like this on the work table:

Freezer paper flowers cut on the Brother ScanNCut machine

Freezer paper flowers cut on the Brother ScanNCut machine

I managed to get one stitched before I figured out that all the jostling around of the quilt in the turning etc caused the flowers to pull free…so out came the flat headed pins and I secured them to the quilt for stitching.  I could cut out about 7 or 8 flowers per pass on the machine, so I prepped about 6 sheets of freezer paper and started cutting. That machine is AWESOME!!! This was my first chance to use it, and I see many more uses ahead!  Anyway; around the quilt I went, and when I was done, I just used a pair of tweezers and lifted the paper off.  Yes, in some places I stitched thru the paper.  Because the fabric is so busy; you really don’t “see” the quilting on the border, but it “feels cool”.  You can only really see it on the cornerstones now that the quilt has been washed and dried:

The cornerstone do show a bit of the border and my binding.  I decided to do my favorite binding – Susies Magic Binding – The tutorial for this binding is on the blog 52 quilts in 52 weeks by Aunt Marti.

http://www.52quilts.com/2012/05/tuesday-tutorial-susies-magic-binding.html    – note this is the “written tutorial”.  Just recently Marti made a video to go along with that written tutorial. It is rather helpful and you can find it here: http://www.52quilts.com/2015/02/susies-magic-binding-video-tutorial.html

Kudo’s to Marti’s Little Sailor for the great video camera work.  I especially liked the camera angle that was mounted on the machine arm pointed down at the needle.  He is an excellent video editor too.  If you ever thought you might like to “try” this binding, this should give you the “push” to do it .  I was showing a friend the binding method last week, and on my thread rack I have cardboard tubes of “leftover bits”.  I counted at least 8 different bits of this style.  I like it because it gives a special pop to the quilt. (My hubby likes it for that reason). AND I like it because it is all machine, no hand stitching!  (The lazy me showing). It takes very little “extra effort”.  Minimal when you consider that binding by hand is a few hours of time! (Commercial over now; but do check out Marti’s blog!!) Let me know if you have as much fun as me with that binding.

Oh; back to the quilt….you know if you read my blog that the inspiration for this particular quilt came from  having so many left over 2.5″ strips from the “secret” quilt that was made last fall for my big sister.  She has a great grandchild, and I never “got around” to making that baby a quilt.  So; left over strips that match the special quilt we made for her grandma and I was building more log cabin blocks.  You can look back at those posts about it here:



and here : https://stitchinggrandma.wordpress.com/2014/12/05/log-cabin-pillows/

and here:https://stitchinggrandma.wordpress.com/2014/12/09/the-secret-is-revealed/

The quilt we built for my sister had bigger blocks – using this footprint:

Plan for a log cabin block by Carolyn

Plan for a log cabin block by Carolyn

My sister in law Carolyn ( http://www.oneblockwonderwoman.wordpress.com ) drew up that plan and sent it to me. For the twin I just finished, I left off the 14 1/2 ” strips. So; these finished as 12″ blocks and the borders were 1.5″ and 6.5″.  A good healthy twin size quilt!!

Finished twin size purple log cabin 12" blocks Barn Raising pattern

Finished twin size purple log cabin 12″ blocks Barn Raising pattern

Did I mention I did a SCRAPPY binding??  I was totally using up those left over strips, even if I had to cut them down to 1.5″ for the binding!  The flange is the same purple as the inner border and that I did cut from the fabric. The flange gets cut at 1.75″.  Using the tutorial as a guide, you will see that the binding is stitched to the back first; then rolled to the front and stitched down in the flange.

Here is a view of the back; right before I took it to put in the washer!
Scrappy quilts get a pieced back!

Scrappy quilts get a pieced back!

Now, it just needs a label. And a sleeve…think I will hang on to this quilt until our quilt show in July, then send it for the great great niece’s 2nd birthday. I think it will be special that she has a quilt that matches her great grandma’s quilt. Still need to add a little stuffing to one of those throw pillows I mentioned in an earlier blog to send along with it!

9 thoughts on “Purple Log cabin complete

  1. Thank you! I think a lot of people find purple very appealing. I hope she likes it! I am going to hang on to it just long enough to enter in a local quilt show, as it has come out very well. Usually I don’t keep the quilts long enough to even show to my bee or my guild. I think the ladies in my bee are sick of seeing it, as I quilted it at 2 different events!


  2. I love everything about this quilt. The pieced backing, the use of scraps for binding, the quilted flowers. I’m giving myself tomorrow morning to sew, and now I’m even more inspired. Thanks! 🙂

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  3. Mary, I can’t take total credit for the “plan” for log cabin layout. That comes from the class (and book) by Marti Michell (http://www.frommarti.com/ )that I took at the Houston Quilt Festival 2 years ago. I also use her wonderful log cabin ruler, which you can use to cut fat quarters to the right width, and then can be used to cut a stack of strips to the various lengths. She has a wonderful layout plan on how to use your strips most efficiently for each length that you need for your strips. It save a lot of time. I just finished a large twin log cabin that only took me a couple of hours to cut, and it was assembled and quilted within 2 days. She has a ruler that is for both 2 1/2 inch strips and 1 1/2 inch strips. She has another ruler that is used for 3/4 inch strips (I think) and another larger size, which I don’t remember offhand. It really makes cutting go fast.

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    • Sounds very efficient. I am going to a quilt show next week and will add her to my list. I remember that class you went to & the ruler. I cut way to many strips when I sent them to you. I used my shapecut plus for my strips and then stacked a group of colors and went for all the “long” pieces first. I will look for that tool. I drove myself a little crazy planning my cuts.


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