Marking your quilt with tracing paper

I am always looking for “help” with my quilting! This post gives some great tips using tracing paper. Go check it out; and while you are threre follow Not your normal steam blog!

Not Your Normal Steam

I love the process of quilting. And I really like complicated quilting designs. How ever I am not comfortable enough in my quilting skills to do some of it free hand. And I STRONGLY dislike marking quilts. I was stumped as to what I could do, until I was introduced to TRACING PAPER!!! Yep pretty much the same stuff I used in high school drafting classes!

Once learned how to use it, it became my main go to method. Basically I either don’t mark at all, or I use tracing paper.  Here’s how I use tracing paper to mark a quilt.

1) Find the quilt pattern that you want to use. If it’s not the right size, take it to a copy machine and either enlarge or shrink it until it’s the right size.

2) If you are taking a pattern out of a book cut 1 piece of tracing…

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