Ready to quilt

Worked pretty hard this last week to get my Grand Illusion Mystery Quilt # 1 ready for pin basting.  The Grand Illusion Mystery Quilt, designed by Bonnie Hunter will be removed from the website, to go into a book soon. Don’t miss out on downloading for free while it is available.  Check out Bonnie’s blog: for this pattern and many others, and follow her adventures. I’ve learned a lot in my quilting journey.

I modified the Grand Illusion pattern a bit. If you have been following my progress on my blog posts, you may have read why I chose to do so. Anyway; because I added the turquoise sashing,  I had to do some modifications to the green and white checkerboard size and to the final outside border.  In the end, it all worked out. This quilt will fit a twin size.  I used 12 blocks; and I have the beginnings of GIMQ#2 underway as well. Each granddaughter will get one, but I am going to “change things a bit” in GIMQ#2.

Today, the first one was pin basted and made ready for quilting on my domestic sewing machine.  I always pin baste when our group at church gets together for a sewing event.

These women are the best!!

Ladies from church helping me to pin baste. Love the big tables!

Ladies from church helping me to pin baste. Love the big tables!

All trimmed and ready for me to quilt!  I think I will take it with me to retreat next week and see what I can get done!  Next post you will get to see the back!

Grand Illusion by Mary # 1 modified pattern Twin sized

Grand Illusion by Mary # 1 modified pattern Twin sized

Now, I am thinking about what color to do the binding….I have plenty of yellow; turquoise or even green. I also have a great black with all the colors in a stripe that is used in one of the blocks. Since it is for a little girl; maybe not the black. And, thinking too about how to quilt on my machine. Because it is such a complex pattern; I may just cross hatch it and keep it simple; but tightly quilted.

Meantime; I have some dolls to build…I showed a picture of the panel I am using in my post here :

Special thanks to all of you who have been praying for my family and for the people of the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). My family has arrived safely home in the USA as of YESTERDAY. Democracy and peace in the DRC is something I will continue to pray for.

Thanks for reading; and do comment; let me know what you would do for binding.

4 thoughts on “Ready to quilt

  1. Your quilt is beautiful. Looking forward to seeing quilt #2. You are a miracle and so glad God watched over your children and grandchildren and brought them safely to the US soil again. Amen.


  2. Thank you for your kind comments Faith. The credit for this quilt really goes to the designer, whose process I followed (tho I did alter it somewhat). The miracle with the quilt is that I stuck with it and I know I will get # 2 pieced also. The miracle with my family comes from God only, with thanks to the prayer networks around me and around the US, so many people have been praying and for that I am thankful beyond words.


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