Always a project or 2 or 3

I stepped away from my Grand Illusion Mystery Quilt this weekend to work on something new. (My GIMQ has 10 of 12 blocks sashed)

10 out of 12 blocks sashed

10 out of 12 blocks sashed

I had some verses to embroider on my Brother PE500 embroidery machine.I downloaded these for free from  –  She “GIVES” these away for free on her website and they stitch out beautifully. If you are looking for nice embroidery designs; Designs by JuJu is a great website.    These 3 blocks will be placed in our Senior Quilts we are working on at church. We finished cutting blocks and kitting up 3 quilts yesterday morning to be handed out to our faithful sewers. wpid-20150117_153552.jpg

Another little project that has distracted me is for my grandkids. They will be visiting at the end of the month, so I want to get this one finished this week.I wanted to make some little “fleece throws” for them  to have in the car as they travel cross country this winter. I had a gift card to JoAnn’s and found some great cuddle fleece on a super sale.  I picked up 1.5 yards of 2 different florals, and already had one really cool one in my stash I bought last year.  I thought about several different ways to make fleece throws, and played around with several options.  Speaking to their mom, she suggested a “hood” would be fun and they could wrap up in in, much the way the hooded bath towel I made last summer worked.

So, I set to work this afternoon, and this is what I came up with:

Finished size if 58 x 36.  The hood is along the long edge, so if a little one wraps up and decided to walk; the “length would be 36” plus the hood.  wpid-20150118_171856.jpgI put little “triangle pockets” in the corner to the left & right of the hood.  That way they might slip their hand in to “hang on” .  Might “shorten” the hood a bit for the littlest child.  I am a little worried she will trip.


Pillow pocket is on the left side

The “other side” has the pocket for the “pillow” part.  The idea is you fold the throw in thirds lengthwise and tuck it all in the pillow.  Like this: wpid-20150118_172140.jpgIt’s not real “full” and I may have misunderstood the directions about how this pocket was to be constructed, but by the time I get the 3rd one made this week, it should be PERFECT!!

I searched online for a QWILLOW pattern, and found this one:

The design/directions were created by “Grammy Lynn”.  I wish I could link to her actual post, but could not find her.  She gets the credit for the basic design plan. My daughter gets the credit for the idea of the hood, and I take full responsibility (giggle) for the corner triangles.

Here is a peak at the other fleece for the other 2 I will make tomorrow:


I picked up some royal blue fleece today for the one to coordinate with the USAF. Maybe use it for the pocket and hood & corners, that way I can maximize the size of the fleece without cutting it into a smaller piece. Bigger kid, bigger throw.

I thought I would share another “distraction” with you.  I found this darling panel at a local quilt shop (Mare’s Bears in Lewes Delaware) earlier this month and just love the “vintage look” of these little doll babies.  One panel = 4 dolls.


Each doll will finish about 16 inches high and each one has a little pet too.  I am thinking of doing these dolls using fusible fleece and some soft and stable to give them a little firmness.  I plan to keep them pretty “flat too” like I did with the flats dolls.  We shall see how that works out…need to order some more soft & stable to play with these. Got the fusible fleece today at Wal-mart.  I could not find it at Joann Fabrics when I hunted for it last week.  Neither place carries the Annies Soft & Stable, so will check the local quilt shops then order online.  Here is a closer look at each of those little dolls – click on one pix below and it will give you a slide show.

Have you been playing with fabric this weekend?


7 thoughts on “Always a project or 2 or 3

    • Lillian, by the time I did the second one, I figured out how to make a much nicer pocket! The third one I added a piece of batting with some cross hatched quilting to keep it in place. I like the idea that you can have a little “pillow” in the car and turn it quickly into a cover. Think I will be making a couple to keep in my own cars, minus the hood. (Somehow I knew you would like the doll fabric!)


    • They are so sweet. My mother used to make panel dolls for my girls when they were little. Very inexpensive way to get a bunch of dolls at once. These faces were too sweet! Going to work on them today, so I will post a finished pix.

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