Decision made on the Grand Illusion Mystery Quilt

I had lots of fun trying out different ways to calm down the chaos of the Grand Illusion Mystery Quilt; and turquoise sashing seemed to be the right plan!

8 sashed.jpg

I’ve got 8 out of 12 blocks sashed; and 1st row put together. Worked on it for most of the day today; and have a few more hours to go building these blocks. I do love all the motion and the fun colors! Love to be able to look at these bright colors when the day outside is grey and gloomy.

Happy stitching! Time for me to give it up for the night!


14 thoughts on “Decision made on the Grand Illusion Mystery Quilt

  1. I can totally see what you mean about the “chaos.” But I wonder- not being a quilter myself of course- if you don’t know where the designer is going with the design, it being a “mystery,” and with a name like “illusion,” are you running a risk of missing out on an amazing “ah ha!” moment later by making such a departure? Again, you are the expert, and as long as you are fine with your destination it can be fun leaving the beaten path!


    • When the pattern was revealed, I had trouble with it being to chaotic. I looked at the pattern for several days before I decided to put the block together trying to figure out what it was that I was having difficulty with. There is a facebook group of about 25,000 people and many of them are making this quilt. There have been a lot of photos; and I have found the ones easiest on the eyes are the ones that chose to “sash” the blocks with something to slow down the “spin” of the center block. I discovered that I am among a large group that chose to “alter the design” to suit personal preference. I agree; maybe I will miss the illusion part; but I couldn’t go with the pattern. Not an expert, but know that the eye sometimes needs a place to “rest” before moving on the the next area. 🙂 The question is; will THING 2 like it?


  2. Your GI is looking good and I agree, it is a bit chaotic and I plan on sashing in a narrow black. I must finish sewing clue #2 and start laying out the block to get the full effect. I do love the colors, though. I have been to the Grand Hotel a few times and it warms my heart to replicate the colors but I need to make this quilt my own and that will be making a few changes.

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